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What we're up to... 9.21 - 9.25

This Week..

Students started this week refining their skills in identifying subjects and predicates in a sentence before quizzing on the topic on Tuesday (these scores have been added to Schoology as well as Home Access Center). Our class conversation then shifted to matters of survival and peril as students prepared to read the short story "Crash Landing" by Louis L'amour. Groups engaged in a short "Survival" simulation before previewing some of the story's vocabulary words. Finally, scholars put their active reading strategies to work as they began to read the piece. All students have been asked to finish first-draft reading the story by the beginning of class on Monday.

Next Week...

Students will continue in their study of "Crash Landing" by examining how to recognize key moments in a story's plot (exposition, rising action, climax/turning point, falling action, and resolution) as well as how to use text evidence to support their conclusions drawn from a text. This will all be in preparation for our first novel study: Wish You Well, by David Baldacci, which we hope to kick off the week of October 5th. In addition, scholars will begin to sharpen their skills in sighting and fixing sentence fragments and run-on sentences.

Class Kudos!

Class Dojo is up and running! All parents are invited to sign up for this FREE site using the parent code sent home earlier this month. Sign up to receive free updates from me and to see how your scholar is behaving in class! This week's kudos go out to Block 1 English 8 for scoring a collective total of 110 points as a class! Awesome job, scholars!

Upcoming Important Dates...

  • Thursday 10.2.15 - Grades Update on Home Access Center (students checked for sports eligibility)
  • Thursday 10.2.15 - Picture Day!

Student To-Do's:

  1. Crash Landing 1DR due Monday
  2. Book Project Final Script due Tuesday, October 13th
  3. Final Book Project Voki due Friday, October 23rd

Keep in touch!

Keep up with your student's due dates by joining us on Schoology using your student's unique access code (these have been sent home with students during Baron Time this week), and feel free to contact me with any questions or concerns you might have! My contact information is below!

Note: All phone calls made between 7:41 and 2:41 Mon-Fri will go straight to my voice mail. Please leave me a message with your name and number; I make every effort to return all phone calls within 1 school day.