Kingdom Hearts Poetry Project

Cause KH is amazing

If I Were In Charge of the World

If I were in charge of the world

I'd gather all the prejudice,

The racist and the arrogant,

And create a bonfire to warm us in the winter, and also sing songs as we toasted smores.

If I were in charge of the world

There'd be more Kingdom Hearts,

Positivity bursting, and

Bright colors and great music and free art.

If I were in charge of the

You wouldn't have piles of homework,

You wouldn't have problems with technology,

You wouldn't need to meet unreasonably high expectations,

Or hate your sisters.

You wouldn't even have sisters.

If I were in charge of the world

The stars would be brighter,

Friendship bonds would be tighter,

And only the good-hearted

Would still be allowed to be

In charge of the world

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Remembrance of a Nobody

In the room Where Nothing Gathers, they assembled.

An intimidating cirlce of black-cloaked members.

They watched the selected one-she resembled

The comrades like her, now gone out like embers.

For the first time in history

A Fourteenth with no heart.

That fact was like her, a mystery

She stayed silent since the start.

Her face remained hidden in the shadows of her hood,

And whether her silence was an emotion with no name,

Loneliness or confusion, I related to her all I could,

For when I had first arrived, I was hauntingly the same.

Soon, Xion opened up to only us, like a flower

She bloomed, her face revealed to our trio: Axel, Xion, and I.

As new best friends, we spent our time on the clock tower

Eating salty-sweet treats and watching the orange sky.

I grew tired, and Xion grew stronger in turn.

She spoke of dreams in a different place and time,

Where as another person she watched waves churn

Gazed at the same sunset beside a voice that wasn't mine.

After, Axel and I were the only inhabitants of the tower's side

As we worriedly spoke: "Where had she gone in a blur?"

The rare moments she appeared, she said she couldn't hide,

The memories that flooded her head did not belong to her.

One lonely day, I perched on the tower's edge,

As a hooded figure settled beside me, sighing in regret.

I instantly knew it was her... her name I now can't recall of pledge.

We at sea salt ice cream as we shared our last sunset.

I remember the stringent clash of steel in a cross

My weapon against her armor as I tried to pursue.

My life returning and preserving at her loss.

My begging: "Am I... the one who did this to you?"

"No..." she says in a weak voice, raw like the night.

She belonged with 'Sora'-her choice, all planned.

In my arms, her eyes faded as she turned into shards of light

Leaving a thalassa shell, the only memory of her, in the palm of my hand.

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Press Here

Press here. Push the buttons that cause little parts of me to self-destruct. Each button making me die a little more on the inside.

Press here. Test my limits. Throw insults and give me weird looks. Give me flattering compliments that help me build up the walls of self-confidence, and then tear them down with your harsh comments, like they were made of straw. Straw as weak as I am. Blow them down because you're the big bad wolf, and I am the senseless pig.

Press here, on my weak points, find my vulnerabilities, point them out for me. Help me learn from my flaws, even if it makes me hate you for it. Even if it makes you swell in pride and make me shrink in defeat and shame.

Press here, because from your cruelty, I will find shelter in someone else's home made of bricks. Bricks too strong for you to blow down. And once you've given up, the coast will be clear for me to come out again. Away from all your pushing and pressing, I can look back and learn.

Then I can build my own walls up again, the ones made of brick, the ones that leave no room for any buttons labeled "Press here."

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