Daniella Caceres

University of Notre Dame Student

All About ME!


I am currently studying at the University of Notre Dame, in my first year in Bachelor of Education (Primary). I graduated year 12 in 2012 from Iona Presentation College. At Iona I did ATAR and my two favourite subjects were Italian in English. From year 10-12, I received a high distinction and two distinction certificates for Italian in the Dante Aligheri test. Once I graduated I spent around two years working and travelling. I have been working at a creche for 3 years now. In the summer of 2013-14 I spent my time travelling to a few places in South America. In Chile, I volunteered at a school teaching English to students from year 7-12. This experience was life changing as it helped me discover my true passion for children and my vocation to study to become a teacher. In 2014


I was born and raised in Perth, Western Australia but my parents are from South America.

Hobbies and Sports:

Travelling is my favourite hobby, I have been to 14 different countries. Travelling has taught me so much, I have learnt a lot about other cultures and I have seen some amazing places and things in each place I've been to. Drawing and reading books are two things I enjoying doing in my spare time. In summer the sport I turn to is sailing, even though I do compete in races and events it's generally a sport a do for fun. Other than sailing I don't really do or play another sport, but I keep fit by going to the gym or runs on the beach.

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