January 2016 - 4th Grade Newsletter

Mrs. Back Mrs. Cain Mrs. Coker Mrs. Cunningham Mrs. Toutant

Science Fair 2016

Science fair will be held on Thursday, January 21, 2016. Students will practice science fair judge/interview questions in class. Practice at home would also be helpful.

Due date reminder:

Data, Results and conclusion - due Friday, January 8

Student questionnaire - due Friday, January 15

Final completed project - due Friday, January 15

It's Cold Outside!

Please remember to dress appropriately. The weather is turning colder and we like to give your children every chance possible to stay active outside. The bus stop and carpool line can also be very cold!

Early dismissal

There are times when winter weather occurs during the school day and for safety reasons Fayette County makes the decision to release students early. If we should release early an automated call system will call and email you to let you know the details of the early release. You MUST call or email your child's teacher with your request of how you would like your child to get home. If you have not turned in your contact information for early dismissal, please do so as soon as possible.

Lost and Found

If you happen to be in the building, please check the lost and found located in the atrium. There is getting to be quite a collection of items!

What We Are Studying


January 18 - No school

January 13 - Report cards come home. Review with your child and sign and return the Report card envelope only. The contents are for you to keep.

Also, remember to check Infinite Campus for current grades and/or missing work. Review and sign your child's daily agenda each night.

ACE Carpool Traffic Reminder Letter

January 4, 2016

Dear Parents/Guardians of ACE Students:

Happy New Year! It was great to see everyone back and ready to learn! As the second half of our year together gets underway, we feel it is time to remind you, the families, about some transportation issues that continue to occur at arrival and dismissal time. We appreciate everyone’s cooperation thus far; with over 750 children enrolled, it is imperative that we all adhere to the same guidelines if we are to ensure safety for all.

1. Please remember that in the morning, we do open our doors at 7:00 A.M. You are always welcome to drop your children off beginning at that time. The library is staffed for your children to use until 7:15 when they are allowed to go to their class or to breakfast.

2. In the morning, please do not drop off children at the back door before the buses have unloaded (approximately 7:25) or after 7:40 when there is no adult outside to let your child into the building. We are sorry that this inconveniences you; however, we must control entrance into the building in order to keep your children safe.

3. Please remember that the bell rings at 7:45. Your child must be inside the double front doors by 7:46 (as shown on the school clock) in order not to incur a tardy. If no personnel are outside, you must accompany your child inside and sign him/her in; do not just drop your child at the front door. Again, this a safety precaution.

4. Please remember that we prefer you NOT park and walk your child across the parking lot and up to the front door of the building in the morning. While you may think this speeds up the arrival process, the exact opposite occurs. If you have school business, you are welcome to park, come inside, sign-in and complete your task. However, when you are finished prior 7:45, we ask that you respectfully wait until the car pool line is clear. This allows us to unload vehicles in a safe and timely manner.

5. Please remember that all transportation changes must be made in writing. This is especially important when your child is going home with another ACE student. Both parents must send us a note explaining the change.

6.Finally, please remember that cars are not allowed to queue up on Jouett Creek Dr. for dismissal. Once the pickup line reaches the end of our driveway, cars must que up on Hays Blvd. (There are signs on the lawn to remind everyone of this!). Dismissal staff communicate with each other indoors and outside during this time to advance that line as quickly as possible. To be fair to our neighbors and all ACE families following these guidelines, we will no longer allow vehicles to “cut” in line. Beginning on Monday, January 11, 2016 and continuing for the remainder of the semester, if you queue up on Jouett or don’t join the line on Hays Blvd./cut in line, we will not take your carpool number and you will have to park and come into the school to pick up your child.

Thanks again for your understanding and adherence to these procedures. As always, if you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact the school (381-4955). Looking forward to a fantastic 2016.