Hugo Chavez (Venezuela)

Joshua Nesmith

Essential Question

Hugo Chavez was able to suppress all opposition that was pushed towards him. By what means did Hugo use to do this?

Chavez's Profile

Hugo Chavez ruled Venezuela from 1999 to 2013. He very recently passed away on March 5th, 2013. He was formerly the leader of the Fifth Republic Movement. Hugo improved many things in his country including living conditions by a UN standard. He sadly was in team with the communists Fidel and Raul Castro. He also cemented his power rigging elections and making sure no one could rise up against him. Hugo terrorized those who showed opposition to his power. Chavez routinely employed state-sponsored bully tactics to suppress oppositionists, resorting to violence and intimidation at almost every turn. Hugo in the end was human just like the rest of us and died of a fatal type of cancer.

Propaganda Analysis

Obviously Hugo, in this picture, is with his good friend Fidel Castro. The text, Viva

Revolución, means "Long Live Revolution." Hugo Chavez was part of a coup in 1992 and was actually put in prison for it. This is only one of the many propaganda pictures that are part of Hugo's "revolution." Hugo had many friends that were communistic including Fidel's brother Raul Castro. These kind of people is who Hugo surrounded himself with.

A Speech. Something Hugo Chavez Wouldn't Have Allowed.

People of the country. Today I will voice not only my opinion, but many others that agree with me as well. The topic of this opinion is Hugo Chavez and what he did for us, the people of the country that he ruled without opposition. Chavez seemed to be on our side from the beginning of his rule. In the beginning, he made our living conditions improve along with our economy, making poverty decline drastically. It was truly a blessing to us people but this speech is not about the good he spread. It is about the wickedness that would come in short time to us. It started with Hugo shutting down all other political parties. You were either with him or an enemy of the country by his standards. He did this to destroy any opposition that would show itself from other parties. Along with doing this, he also rigged the 2012 elections so that he would not lose his power. His communistic buddies didn't help with this situation either. His companionship with the communists Fidel and Raul Castro got the country bad attention from democratic governments like the US. The US is a crucial ally to small countries and we would do best to not get on their bad side. If you love getting beat up you'll love this one. Chavez employed brutal bully tactics for opposers. Since political parties were banned, people had to revolt in small groups or by themselves. By doing this they opened up a world of pain from the "bullies" that Hugo had instructed to beat opposers. Hugo didn't want to hear what we had to say to he suppressed it with cruel punishments brought on with many different types of weapons. When these "bullies" beat people, they didn't hold back. All opposition was suppress and no one could do anything about it. Thank you for your time in listening to my rambling on about an evil that once ruled Venezuela, but is now dead as of March 5th, 2013.

Hugo Chavez's Death News Story

Venezuelas Hugo Chavez dies of cancer