What's Happening in Room 12

Miss Hackbarth's Third Grade Class

April Edition

Earth Day

To celebrate Earth Day our class brainstormed the many ways we can help protect the earth. Some ideas included turning the water off when we brush our teeth, taking shorter showers, and turning off the lights to save electricity. We also made bird feeders out of paper towel rolls, peanut butter, and bird seed. We're hoping the birds of North Plainfield enjoy the treat!

Informational Animal Books

We just finished our informational writing unit. Students looked through non-fiction books in the class to choose which text features they liked and wanted to include in their own books. We then brainstormed topics to include by looking at other animal books. We researched on the computers and organized our information in a graphic organizer. We took many days to write each topic and include headings. Finally we published on cool templates that made our writing look like actual informational books! We are so proud of what we accomplished! Make sure you check them out.

PARCC End of Year Testing

Monday, May 4th, 9pm to Wednesday, May 6th, 11:30am

170 Oneida Avenue

North Plainfield, NJ

We will be taking the End of Year PARCC test for three days! Can't wait to show what we know!

Geometry Monsters

We just finished our geometry unit. We learned about flat, 2D shapes and also shapes that pop out at you, 3D shapes. We loved creating geometry monsters by following the directions. For example, if we have a pet we made legs that were parallel. If we did not have a pet we made intersecting legs. We realized how there are so many 3D shapes all around us in our lives!
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  • As the weather is getting warmer please make sure your child is dressed appropriately for school.
  • We have snack each day around 10:30. We're working on making these HEALTHY snacks. Please help by not sending in cookies, chips, and candy.
  • Your child should be reading 20 minutes each night. Have them talk to you about what they are reading. This helps improve their reading comprehension.
  • We still need to know our multiplication facts! Make sure to practice each night.