Ms. Sizemore's Class News

December 2, 2015

Upcoming Events

  • December 4: Spirit Wear Order Forms Due
  • December 7-December 11: Book Fair
  • Thursday, December 10: Field Trip to Nutcracker Performance
  • Thursday, December 17: School-wide Holiday Program
  • Ms. Sizemore gone December 7-December 11 and January 4-January 7
  • December 4, December 11, December 18: Poetry Cafe @ 2:30
  • December 21-January 1: Winter Break

ChatterKids Penguin Videos

Using the mentor text Penguin Chick, students reviewed the concept of main idea and supporting details. Students created and presented short videos related to penguins. They chose a specific main idea and included relevant details to support their main idea. Go to this link to see some of the videos they made.

Dickson Character Trait of the Month

Each month, our school focuses on a specific character trait and at the end of the month, a student who exemplifies that trait is invited to have lunch with the principal. Here are students who exemplified the first three traits- respect, responsibility, and perseverance/grit. Students are asked to nominate their classmates and share their justifications. It is very hard to submit only one name, but we are very proud of Ella, Max and Garrison.

The Nutcracker

The kids are excited to see the Asheville Ballet's performance of The Nutcracker next Thursday at Diana Wortham Theatre. We definitely have enough chaperons and have sent in our count, so there are no more tickets available. Students should consider dressing up for this special occasion (if they are interested). If you are going with us, please plan on being in our classroom by 8:45. We hope to be back at school by 12:00 and will eat lunch upon our return. Although I will miss it, I have seen this production a few times and know the kids will greatly enjoy it.

Pack Library NC Collection

The Mayflower Voyage and the Plymouth Colony

Students were excited to learn about the Mayflower voyage. Friday, students enjoyed a special snack- peas porridge and saltines (hard tack) just like the pilgrims ate on their voyage across the Atlantic Ocean. Here is Isaiah's report on the topic (About 95% factual and 5% creative license).

Life on the Mayflower: What was it like to live on the Mayflower? Cramped! You would to have share a room with almost 30 people and you would sleep in a sleeping bag on the floor. The floor that the pilgrims slept on was cold, damp and rock hard. For William Bradford, it was the worst trip ever. He had to leave his child behind and his wife fell overboard. And he and the other passengers got sea sick. They were throwing up everywhere and the sailors called them names for this. What bad people?

Stranger or Pilgrim? What was the difference between a stranger and a pilgrim? Well, a pilgrim was sailing to the New World because they wanted their own religious life and did not want fancy stained glass or statues. The strangers were going to the New World because they needed a job or they were a sailor.

Mayflower Facts: Did you know...

  • The sailors hated the pilgrims and the pilgrims disliked the sailors. The reason was that the sailors called the pilgrims names like "barf brains" or "slug breath".
  • When the pilgrims made it to the New World they were not welcome at first because the pilgrims stole the Native Americans' land.
  • Did the pilgrims steal? Yes! In fact, they even knew that stealing was wrong, but they did this to stay alive in hope that the pilgrims would repay the Natives.

Native Americans: What are Native Americans? Native Americans are people who were already living in the New World. The Native people did not like the pilgrims at first, because the pilgrims stole land (property) and food. The pilgrims also stole supplies. These actions from the pilgrims led to war between the pilgrims and Native people. And after the war ended, the pilgrims and the Native people finally got along fine.

Isaiah Huggins

Hour of Code

All Dickson students will be participating in Hour of Code, which is global event that reaches tens of millions of students. Our Hour of Code will be December 11 from 8:15 to 9:15. We would love to have some volunteers. Even if you cannot come during our time, you can volunteer to help in another classroom. Just contact Jesse Emry at Here is a link about Hour of Code.

Become a Holiday Sponsor

Please consider sponsoring a Dickson child this holiday season to provide a special gift for them to open. Knowing their child's wish is covered may help put parents at ease, without further stretching their budget. Please contact Kelly MacMillan ( or 828 545-7844) to express interest. Your help is truly appreciated.

Thanksgiving Food Drive Success!

With our IDEs community's help, we raised over $300 dollars and 9 boxes of Thanksgiving dinners for our families! I just wanted to thank everyone SO MUCH for your help with our 7th Annual Thanksgiving Food Drive! I've only been here for a few months, but already I can see that our families and community that connect through the school are very strong and gracious.

Thank you again! Happy Holidays!

Jordan Kadrie, Vista Volunteer Coordinator


  • Thanks to Lorne (Gabriella's dad), Scott (Luna's dad) and Stephanie (Ella's mom) for going with us to Pack Library.
  • Thanks to Bonnie (Nora's mom), Amy (Stella's mom), Scott (Luna's dad), Amanda (Max's mom), Vista (Isaiah's mom), Rachel (Cassie's mom) and Stephanie (Ella's mom) and Amilda (Nihzaiah's mom) for volunteering to chaperon Dickson students during our field trip to see The Nutcracker next Thursday.
  • Thanks to Ellie (Gabriella's mom) for teaching us about Hanukkah next week.
  • Thanks to Maya's family for providing snacks this week.