Michelle Neslon-Schmidt

Author Visit

Available Author visit from Michelle Nelson-Schmidt

Author/Illustrator, Michelle Nelson-Schmidt will be in North Central Iowa in November. I have some 1/2 days still available and I thought I would see if Denison Elementary would be interested in having her come and speak.

Available Dates:

Tuesday, November 15th - PM available.

Wednesday, November 16th - PM available.

Her author fee is $400, payable the day of the visit.

Books available

Michelle Nelson-Schmidt School Visits

Detailed information:

Michelle's presentation is 45 minutes long. This gives her 40 minutes to present and 5 minutes for questions. She needs all 45 minutes and MUST have 15 minutes in between presentations. Please do not shorten any part of this. It will not work. She needs children in the room at the time she is supposed to begin talking, not on their way to the presentation. The timing of this is very important.

Even older students (6th-8th grades) enjoy seeing Michelle and they have such profound take-aways, so please consider including them for your author visit.

There are activities that I will share with you to generate excitement prior to the visit.

I look forward to working with you and your schools to bring this amazing author to speak with your students.