Spotlight On...Being a Sports Agent

Hannah McLaughlin

Duties of a Sports Agent

The duty of a sports agent is to handle the business side of a athletes career. In order to be a sports agent your personal life has to come second to your athlete(s). You have to remember that your sole job is to find your client the best contract possible. Also, finding a good contract may mean finding a good release deal; only if the athlete chooses to lead later on. Negotiating these deals takes a lot of time and hard work.

Requirement of a successful Sports Agent

  • Bachelors Degree or higher
  • Law or legal background
  • adaptable personal life
  • Negotiating skills

Salary of Sports Agent

Depending on how well known your client(s) is/are your salary can vary anywhere from thousands to millions of dollars. Also, your salary can be affected based on the league your client plays in; if you're client works in the NFL you will get paid more than if your client works in the MLS. Mainly because basketball is more popular, in the United States, than men's soccer.