Marilyn Monroe, Murder or Suicide?

Nakayla Krahn

Marilyn Monroe

Who: Marilyn Monroe

What: Found dead in her bed naked, face down in the pillows

When: August 5th, 1962

Where: Marilyns house / Brentwood neighborhood, Westside of LA

Why: accidental, murder, suicide, homicide, etc.

Marilyn Monroe (English Project)
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The Media

When Marilyn Monroe was found dead, the controversies start to swarm throughout the media. Some believed it was an accident, some think she killed herself on purpose because she was depressed, some believe the doctor could have given her the wrong amount of prescriptions, and others, like myself, think it was murder. Each article that I researched had a different perspective for each cause of death. If they took the suicidal side, they were strongly pushing how she was found with pills by her bed, but if you take the murder side of the story, they talk about how there is no way she could have taken that many pills. After Marilyn Monroes death, she made headline news multiple times but the thing is, each headline said something different. "Marilyn found dead" "Looks like suicide" "Suicide or accident" "Marilyn kills self" "Pills found by bedside" The media starting publishing her death, before anyone even knew the story.

Biases, Criticisms, and Media Outlets

Biases: I found bias by selection of sources in a lot of the articles I read. It would go from talking about how she was "found dead on her stomach" but when you go through and read the autopsies of the report, she actually died on her back but then was moved. Bias by omission was another one I came across multiple times. I would read an article but then when I finished it I realized they left a lot of the medical side of the story out. They were completely focused on only one part of the story.

Criticisms: I put Marilyn under the Feminist criticism because her entire life was build up of the person she eventually became, Norma to Marilyn. She self created herself into an actress and star that would become important to the Feminist Movement. Marilyn was able to keep herself financially stable without a male figure throughout her entire career. On the other hand no matter what she did, she public always viewed her as a whore. Hollywood men always viewed her as a party girl and nothing more.

Media Outlet: History channel displayed her death, American National Biography has a section for Marilyn Monroes death, Fox 59 news had an interview with some of the medical examiners, and also the documentaries on youtube I have in the links above, have credible information supported with facts.