The Violin

Instrument of Wonders

Have you ever thought that you wanted to play an instrument, but couldn't quite place your finger on just one?

If you are thinking about the violin, this book is for you! It gives you all the information from history to just dynamics for you. This classical instrument has many untold secrets it would love to tell you you. How does the violin make its beautiful sounds? What were the strings made out of at first? How do you get the pitch to be perfect? All the answers are here, in this book. How do the tuners work? Again, just sneak a quick peek. If you need to know how to read the treble clef, or want to know some quick ways to memorize your music piece, just read this book! Are you at a struggle point in your musical career, and you cannot seem to get one note right? Well, many people have been through that like me and I can tell you how to fix it. Are you sick and tired of sports and want to try music? I can help. So, what are you waiting for?!? Open up this book and start reading.

There are so many instruments out there.

You choose the violin. These are some reasons why.

*It is very fun, and you can play so many different songs.

*It is a beautiful instrument

*Many people don't know how to play it, which you will learn in this book.

Start today!