The Weekly Knot

Vol.2 Issue 26: Building Literacy

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How to read music - Tim Hansen

Weekly Happenings

B week for Media Center

Monday February 29, 2016

Tuesday March 1, 2016

Beginning of Music in our Schools Month

Level-Up @ 2:15 in Media Center

Wednesday March 2, 2016

You can participate in the PG Read Along Stream-A-Thon

Testing: MSA Science Meeting for 5th grade ONLY @ 1 p.m.

Central Office Learning Walk (Deputy Superintendent, Associate Superintendent, and Instructional Director)

Collaborative Planning

Spanish Class in the Media Center @ 3:15 p.m.

Count on Us @ 4 p.m. on Comcast 96 and Verizon 38

Thursday March 3,2016

Arts Integration Walk-Through

Friday March 4, 2016

PJ Read-In Day

Earth Hour @ 12:45- Use natural light and no electronics

Upcoming Events:

March 7- School Leadership Learning Walk

Earth Hour 2011 / Official Video

The Media Connection - Library Media News from Ms. Arax

1) Our National Read Across America Day Kick Off started on February 22nd during Media Center classes. Please bring your classes on time so they have enough time to check out books and work on an origami art project with Ms. Davis and the Media Center team.

2) National Read Across America Day is Wednesday, March 2nd and there are digital activities for each grade level scheduled throughout the day. Click on to learn about the Read Along Stream-athon co-sponsored by the Office of Library Media. Also, keep your ears open for a school wide reading celebration TBA.

3) March is National Woman's History Month and check out our book displays in the Media Center starting in the beginning of March. We will feature books of various reading levels about important historical heroines, figures and events. Also check out this Library of Congress list of digital resources and primary sources you can use in your classroom:

4) Non-fiction research projects - explore resources for Women's History and other projects with your classes through the Destiny Library Media Catalog. See below for instructions:

Accessing our Library Media Center Online Catalog

1) Click on:

2) Pick our school by clicking links (and scrolling down): Elementary -> Edward M. Felegy Elementary

3) Log into system: Use the same user id and password as you do for

your PGCPS e-mail

4) You will see Home and Catalog Tabs

a) Home Tab: Offers Online resources, Ebooks, and Teacher Resources

b) Catalog Tab: Search for books that we have in the Media Center, see if they are available and check your account.