Martial Arts and Their Benefits

Hannah Johnson


I chose this topic back in March when I first started taking muay thai kickboxing. It was a learning stretch because before entering the studio on March 11, I had never worked out or taken any sort of martial art before. I was a very clumsy 16 year old. I didn't know anything about what muay thai was or even how to punch properly. As I started attending classes regularly I noticed a change in my personal appearance and attitude. I was becoming more confident and started losing weight. Since starting, I have tested for and achieved my yellow and orange sashes.

For my product I decided I wanted to teach a self defense class to the student body of RCHS. It was also open to teachers and parents.


As I started my muay thai journey, it was immediately immanent that my balance was off. I had always had problems staying up on one leg. (Which we often did for strength and balance control.) It slowly improved as I conditioned my muscles more and more. I also had trouble with pivoting and using my hips to add power to my kicks and punches.


I chose my muay thai instructor, Justin Mitchell, to be my mentor. My instructor and I are together every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday for class, so seeing him was not an issue. He and I spent time after muay thai to go over self defense techniques for me to teach at my self defense class.
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I learned that my experience on stage performances has helped me become less nervous and perform well under pressure. I learned a lot about the history of muay thai and various techniques used. I am most proud of my personal accomplishments with my mind and body. I have lost almost 30 lbs since March. I have gained so much knowledge from muay thai; I plan to share my knowledge with others.


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