Music For The Brain

By: Mackynzie Saldana

How Music Therapy Interests Me

As a dancer, music is something I listen to every day. Little did I know, music can benefit us in so many ways. After doing some research, I've learned how it help many people struggling with Alzheimer's disease and dementia. Both my great grandmothers have suffered from Alzheimer's and I wish I would've known how much music therapy could've helped them before they passed. I hope to bring awareness to how beneficial music therapy is.

What Is Music Therapy?

Music therapy is a therapeutic treatment that help people use sounds and singing to express emotions. It is so beneficial because every part of the brain is stimulated at the same time.
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What Is Going On In The Brain During Music Therapy?

The brain is the command center of the body. Everything from our senses, emotions, and movements are processed here. Music is so effective on the brain because it stimulates both sides of the brain at the same time. Every part of the brain comes together to create and recall memories so when it's all stimulated by music, it's easier for people to remember memories and express emotions.

Research on Music Therapy

Music therapy is the most researched form of creative therapies. The AMTA (American Music Therapy Association) have had many studies on music therapy lately. To mention some, music therapy in the treatment of schizophrenia, on psychopathology of children, autism, on mental disorders, and even depression. Music therapy is found to be an effective form of treatment.