Weekly Update #5

September 28-October 2, 2015

Shout Outs

Highlights from last week:

Shout out to Celeste Strege for going above and beyond. :)

Shout out to Ms. Kennedy and Ms. Thornbury for helping their Success 101 students learn about the logistics of the LQHS Campus

Shout out LQHS staff! Just had a parent say what a wonderful staff we have at La Quinta

Click on the link below to give a shout out to a staff member who has done or is doing something wonderful!


Information and Updates

We have many new teachers on campus who aren't familiar with our school wide annotation system. I've included a link to the document created last year. It is also in our shared staff information folder. This may serve a refresher for our veteran teachers and new information to our new staff. This tool is extremely effective to assist students in understanding / breaking down complex


Did you know that LQHS subscribes to Learn360? So what is it?

Learn360 provides access to a web-based digital video library comprised of thousands of K-12 core-curriculum videos, video clips, newsreels, audio and video speeches, still images, and audio files. Its search feature allows you to search by state standards and by Common Core standards.

Each teacher at LQHS has an account, and I'd like to encourage you to explore the variety of instructional videos and other multimedia files that are available through this service and to use it as much as you can. The URL is: www.learn360.com.

If you have any questions about your log-in information or would like additional information about Learn360, please let Mr. Duke know.

After School Tutoring is in full swing. We would like to start inviting your students who are struggling to complete assignments. We will send them a personal invitation to attend tutoring. We need to know who they are. Please click on the link below to submit student names. Our goal is to improve the effectiveness of our tutoring program.


We are now in Week 5. Please keep your gradebooks updated as progress reports are due next week.

Flyers for the Hike 4 Education will be in your mailboxes Monday evening. Please give them to your 4th period classes on Tuesday. This is a great way to earn money / chromebooks for your classroom. See me for details.

Professional Development Time - Staff Meeting

Professional Development time this week is dedicated to a staff meeting. We have a guest speaker, our Director of Safety and Security. He will delivering active assailant training.

Athletic Arena (Varsity Sports)


Boys Water Polo v Xavier @ 3:15 pm

Girls Tennis v Palm Desert @ 3:15 pm

Girls Volleyball v Indio @ 6:00pm



Boys Water Polo @ Palm Desert @ 3:15

Girls Golf @ Indio @ 3:15 pm

Girls Tennis v Cathedral City @ 3:15 pm

Girls Volleyball v Coachella Valley @6:00 pm


Girls Tennis v Redlands East Valley @ 3:15 pm

Football @ 7 p.m. @ Indio

Academic Word of the Week - Infer

HI - here is a link which you are welcome to share with your students regarding the academic word of the week: https://youtu.be/4SrSRBqblyc

The green paper version is in your mailbox.

Last Week winners: Jacob Garcia (9), Melanie Nunez (11), Jazmyne Torres (11), Dominia Uritia (11) Noah Valencia (12), Anna Yan (11), Theya Yrigoyen (11)