Math 8

6th Six-Weeks Newsletter

Algebraic and Combining Expressions Topics Overview

During the six six-weeks grading period Math 8 will be focusing on Algebraic and Combining Expressions. Below are details of what we will be exploring and learning in class.

Algebraic Expressions

Students have the opportunity to generate and justify the equivalence of two or more symbolic expressions for the same situation. Students will determine if two or more expressions are equivalent in a variety of ways including using the Distributive Property and other properties of real numbers.

Combining Expressions

Students combine expressions to write new expressions either by adding or subtracting expressions or by substituting an equivalent expression for a given quantity in an expression or equation.

Pacing Calendar

Pacing Calendars are always subject to change based on student needs.

Semester Exams

As a class, students will have class time to review for the semester exam. All Math 8 students will be provided a graphing calculator and a STAAR Reference Chart with formulas during the semester exam.

Interactive Math Glossary

Interactive Math Glossary is now available in the iTunes app store. The glossary helps students explore and understand mathematics vocabulary used in the grades K–8 Texas Essential Knowledge and Skills (TEKS). Each glossary term is displayed in a four-quadrant Frayer Model.
Should Algebra be Required?

Nice short little article with great argument for why all students need Algebra.

PISD Bond Information

Please educate yourself on the upcoming Bond Election. You might want to post the information as well.

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