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What's Happening in Weekday?

Hey Parents!

I hope everyone has enjoyed their week of Spring Break if you were gone (many of you were), and if not I hope you just enjoyed the great weather here we had! Last week there was a lot going on with combining classes and me being gone. Your children were introduced to the letter V, and had fun talking about the color purple. On Wednesday we also talked about many different community helpers and what each one does! The week before they pretended to be bakers and baked "cupcakes". They had SO much fun with this activity and wearing their bakers hats! This week we will be doing many activities involving Easter! Please remember to bring in your filled eggs and egg carton tomorrow if you haven't already. The kids are going to have so much fun hunting for eggs on Wednesday! Since we are also talking about community helpers this month, tomorrow the kids will get to see something so exciting...a FIRE TRUCK! Station 14 will be coming to weekday for a little visit. I think the class is really going to get to enjoy seeing the fire truck up close! Show and Tell Wednesday is the letter W. Looking forward to another fun week!

PS. Sorry about the pictures...I don't have very many from the past 2 weeks! I could only find group shots of them being bakers.