Spring in to March

Golden Glindas

"You must be willing to do the things today others won't do, in order to have the things others won't have"

I can not believe it is March! Do you know that March is one of our best selling months? Customers are ready to amp up their spring wardrobe! I think it is safe to say January and February were slower months but guess what I they are slow months for every business not just mine and yours. Do you know that I think each and everyone of you is an extraordinary person and that you can achieve anything you set your mind too! I think the biggest thing holding most of us back from setting big scary goals is the fear that we will fail and not meet our goals! Let's put a stop to those fears in March and set some Big Scary Goals! How are we going to do that? Well with this 3 step challenge:

  1. Set yourself a big goal that pushes you!
  2. Share it with someone! I am here for you to share your goals with!
  3. Ask for help! Don't do it alone! We are all here to help each other that is what our community is about!
I picked the flowers in bloom background cause I think March is the month for you to BLOOM! We have the March Madness Stack Up Your Rewards(details in the lounge) the more you sale the more product credit you earn! We all want that product credit for the Spring Capsule Collection coming in April!

$500 by the 10th Challenge

Sell $500 in retail by the 10th of the month and you will get a Starbucks gift card from me! Congrats to last months winners Lauren Irwin and Catherine Powell!

Sponsoring Challenge

Sign and qualify 2 stylist in the month of March and you will earn a pair of Toms from me! I think March is going to be an amazing month for all of us to sponsor! On top of the Toms you will also get the $100 product credit for every stylist you sign and qualify! How are you going to sponsor? Your going to talk about the opportunity and what you love about Stella & Dot! If you are genuinely excited about the business your enthusiasm will catch on! Also I encourage you to listen to this call! Sarah Loftus has some an amazing sponsoring plan!



Top in Sales~

Kristy Pauly$3,266

Cathy Powell $2524

Lauren Irwin $650

Kim Lewis $625

Nicole Dunne $569

Erika Richardson $521

Shannon Barnes $503

A big shout out to Shannon Barnes for signing and quaifying in 5 days!


Congrats to Lauren Irwin for promoting to Lead Stylist! So proud of you for booking a show and stepping outside of your norm it paid off! Senior is in your near future! I love this picture of Lauren and Joella and the bond they have!


I am so excited for Vegas I can't even tell you! Hoopla is such a fun & inspirational event! I promise you if you go you will have more fun then you ever imagined & it will change the way you think about your business! Remember early bird registration ends March 31st! Register by then for $199 and get $300 in jewelry from the new line! That's a no brainer! Hope to see you there!