Death in a Bottle

Effects on Abusing Alcohol

Short Term

There is short term and long term effects of abusing alcohol. One of the short term effects is that vision may blur. This means if you drink to much ethanol alcohol and you get intoxicated, you can't see well and you feel really dizzy, it is especially bad to be intoxicated and drive.Intoxication is a condition in which a person lacks control over mental and physical abilities as a result of a high BAC. BAC is blood alcohol concentration- the amount of alcohol in the blood, often expressed as the percentage of alcohol in the blood.

Alcoholism and Alcoholics

Alcoholism is a chronic disease that causes an emotional and physical dependence on alcohol. Alcoholics often have poor self-concept and lost confidence in their abilities. They may be inherited (children run higher risk of becoming an alcoholic if one or both of their parents were alcoholics.) Alcoholics may develop from a person's environment ( there was a high rate of alcoholism on Native American reservations- people grow up with alcoholism around them. )Alcoholics suffer from impaired control, once they start drinking they can't stop. Lastly, doctors prefer to use alcohol dependents instead of alcoholism.

Long Term

Abusing alcohol is very dangerous. Especially because of the long term effects of abusing alcohol. Long term abuse can lead to liver damage. Also, liver cancer and cirrhosis. This means that the liver grows scar tissues instead of healthy liver cells. Next, alcohol kills brain cells that can cause the brain to shrink. Brain cells are destroyed by alcohol and they can't get restored. Lastly, alcohol dulls the scenes and impairs memory.

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