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Springfield Elementary School

Welcome Back!


Welcome to Springfield! We are so excited to welcome our students to the SES. It's going to be a great year! It is an exciting time for the whole family. Many of you know your way around Springfield, but we have many first time parents also. We welcome each of you to our school this year!

A little bit about me....this is my 16th year in education and I began at SES as principal this January. Even though this is my first full year at Springfield, I have been a part of Fort Mill Schools for 11 years. There is a reason why Fort Mill is the best in the state and it is because of our students, parents, and staff.

I am blessed to be able to work so closely with our students, staff and families. When I'm not at school I'm busy with my three year old. I love sports and all teams Pittsburgh.

We look forward to getting to know our new Colt families and excited to see our returning Colts.


Adam Fantone


Upcoming Dates

August 21-Student Placement updated in PowerSchool.

August 27-
Virtual Meet the Teacher This year we are offering a virtual Meet the Teacher on Thursday, August 27th. Your teacher will offer three virtual times that you can join. The times are: 10:00am, 12:30pm or 5:00pm. You will receive an email from your child's teacher on Wednesday, August 26th with the link to the Google Meets virtual meeting. There will be three Google Meets to choose from, but you only have to choose one. During this virtual meeting, the teacher will share information about their class expectations and procedures. There will be an opportunity for you to ask questions about the classroom in general. Questions about COVID19 related procedures will need to be emailed to the teacher or you can refer to the FAQ on the district webpage. This will be a great way to "meet" your child's teacher and learn more about the class!

*Kindergarten teachers will communicate their plan as it may be a little different, but it will be the same day.

August 27-FACE TO FACE STUDENTS ONLY We will host a drive-by pick up day where families can come pick up Cars Tags, Free/Reduced Lunch forms, Tuesday Folders, Pink Bus Forms, Breakfast Opt-In forms, Agendas, etc. This is a very important day for you to collect needed materials. We will be do the car line from 7-10 and 1-4. Tables will be set up in the car rider line by grade level. Please be sure to attend!

August 31- First Day Starting A/B Rotation

September 7- No School

September 28- First Day for All Students (No Longer A/B Schedule)

School Schedule

Our district is going to start the first four weeks of school on an A/B schedule. That means that if your last name begins with an A-K then you will come to school on 'A' days and if your last name begins with L-Z then you will come to school on 'B' days. So, Monday August 31st will be the first day of school for our 'A' students and Tuesday, September 1st will be the first day for our 'B' students. The pattern will continue each week. For example, if my child comes to school on Monday, Wednesday and Friday, then the following week they will come on Tuesday and Thursday. On September 28th, all students will return to school on the same day.

Click below for the AB Calendar.


Springfield Vision and Mission

Vision: At Springfield Elementary,

  • We create environments where learning is meaningful and engaging.

  • We ensure students learn, grow, and discover their strengths.

  • We build positive relationships based on mutual respect.

  • We hold high expectations for every student.

Mission: Springfield Elementary will provide a caring and safe environment where staff, students, families, and community engage in the process of teaching and learning together in an effort to continually promote the academic, social, and emotional growth of our students.

Motto: COLTivating Excellence by

  • Doing Our Best

  • Being Responsible

  • Taking Care of Each Other

Hashtag: SESHoovesUp

Important School Information

  • Our school doors open daily at 7:05 and instruction begins at 7:45. When students arrive to school, they will walk straight to their classroom and stay in their classrooms and begin their morning routines. Please be sure to account for traffic and congestion the first week or so. Being on time to school is important for each child to help develop a consistent routine and to start each day smoothly. I will send out reminders about our start time, but please plan to leave your house in plenty of time to get through the car rider line. We are anticipating more car riders this year than normal.

  • This year, there will be no parents allowed in the building which includes volunteers, PTO, School Improvement members or Watch D.O.G.S. This is due to COVID19.

  • We understand that if you are new to Springfield, this can be a very difficult time with not being able to come into the building. Our administration will be sending a video out to parents showing them around the building.

  • Outside food should not be brought in to school for lunch. With limited building entry for the 2020-2021 school year, outside food and drink will only be allowed through student lunchboxes or containers. No fast food or food service deliveries will be allowed for students. We appreciate you helping us minimize the amount of deliveries to classrooms with lunches. We understand that sometimes, parents need to deliver lunches for a variety of reasons. Lunches will need to be in a bag or lunch box to come into the building. We will turn away all food delivery services and/or food that is delivered by parents in a restaurant bag or container.

  • Early dismissals procedures are different this year. Parents will call the office by pressing the ring doorbell. Someone will come to the door to get your id and call your student. Please refer to the handbook if you have questions regarding early dismissals.

  • Extracurricular activities, clubs, and field trips are postponed indefinitely.

  • We will not have safety patrols this year. If your child is a car rider this year, please have them get out of the right side of the car on their own. We will have adults on duty to help if needed.

  • We have been asked by the District to share this information about voluntary insurance. Information can be located on the district website under: Parents/k-12 Voluntary Student Accident Insurance www.BollingerSchools.com

Student Placement

Teacher placement information will be sent electronically on Friday, August 21st. Each teacher placement will be sent electronically throughout the day. These notifications will be sent in a staggered manner throughout the day. Not all families will receive their student’s placement at the exact same time.

I know that finding out your child’s teacher is exciting. I encourage parents to be respectful of our staff and limit your social media postings to only positive comments. Asking others questions or sharing opinions on social media about specific teachers can be hurtful and disrespectful. Remember that our staff is committed to our school community, so I ask that you show kindness and respect as teacher placements are shared.


We are ready and we know you are too! Your children are ready and they will be in great hands! Since this is such a big transition, we want to be able to provide the opportunity for you to walk your child to their classroom. This is going to look different than in other years. No parents will be allowed to enter the building, so I wanted to share our new procedure. If you plan to walk your kindergartener to class:

  • Parents will be able to drop Kindergarten students off and walk them to the outside door of the classroom for the first week of school. (August 31-Sept 4)
  • You may walk them to the outside doors from 8:00-8:20
  • park your car in the front parking lot
  • walk your child across the crosswalk
  • walk down the sidewalk towards the Kindergarten playground
  • staff will allow a certain number of families to enter the gated playground area at one time
  • parents will be able to drop your child off and meet the teacher at the back door
  • only the child can enter the classroom
  • parents will exit the playground area through another designated exit door
  • Independence Day is Wednesday, September 9, and Thursday, September 10.


At Springfield Elementary, we believe that communication is important in building positive relationships with our families. Your child's teacher will be communicating with you regularly about what your child is learning and updated you on their progress. We want you to have a good sense of what learning looks like for your child. If you are in need of more information or would like to request a parent conference at any point in the school year, our teachers are available to meet virtually or over the telephone. We will not be having face to face conferences this year. Typically our parent conferences begin in October and the teachers will reach out to you to schedule.

You will receive updates from Principal Fantone often. Please be sure to take a minute to read these messages because they contain important information about school events, PTA events or other school information. This e-newsletter will keep you informed on a variety of school topics.

SES Parent/Student Handbook


  • This section will be in each newsletter, so be sure to look for it if you are virtual.
  • Virtual teacher placements will come out the same day as the face to face placements.
  • Information about a textbook/material pick up will be communicated. This might possibly come in the placement letter, or I will send it separately.
  • Teachers will communicate what the schedules/days will look like during their open house sessions.
  • Students will need their computer, a work space to complete work, and a quiet area to do independent reading when working at home.