Volunteer or Intern Abroad - AIESEC

Exchange Participant Newsletter #1 - February 12

February and March - Getting Accepted into Programs

Thank you for your interest in AIESEC Purdue. Our mission is to connect you with employers across 124 countries.

Which Program is Right for Me?
We have two programs. Our volunteer programs are 6-8 weeks long, and a few of them are as long as 12 weeks. They're open to ALL students. You stay with a host family or at an house specifically dedicated to AIESECers.

The second is the internship program. Internships are paid, typically 3-18 months long, and are for juniors all the way to PhD candidates and recent graduates. Employers and the host AIESEC chapter will help you obtain housing nearby.

Getting Accepted
February and March are when AIESEC chapters around the world are ready to send acceptances to our candidates, so this is the perfect time to start applying to the volunteer and internship programs!

How Does It Work?
  1. Most of you already have an account on Opportunities Portal, so you're off to good start. Next thing to do is complete your profile (skills, backgrounds, work experience, education, resume/CV, languages, etc. It's very similar to filling out a LinkedIn profile)
  2. Just hit 'apply' on a program and your application is sent! You can apply to as many programs as you want! We are always ready to meet with you individually to help you through the process, review your resume, help you with interviews, and help you find the program that fits your interests.
  3. If your profile matches what the company wants, you'll be interviewed by the host chapters and companies (this is why it's important to complete your profile!)
  4. After that, you'll receive acceptance offers. The volunteer programs cost $500 and the internship programs cost $700, which you only pay if you accept. In other words, you don't pay if you don't accept!
  5. AIESEC Purdue will provide you with 1-on-1 support for visa, health insurance, and other paperwork.
  6. We will coordinate with the host AIESEC chapter so they will pick you up from the airport immediately as you land and take you to your new home.
  7. You are ready to begin your life-changing adventure! We will check in with you and the host AIESEC chapter to make sure you're having a great time!