Important RCPS Updates

Great Things Going On!

  • Using "Because-Then" statements, kindergartners are able to identify cause and effect in stories. It is exciting to hear them use this stem to discuss their thoughts!
  • During the winter months, it is easy for our students to become restless and forget to follow the expectations of the school. This week, I saw second graders practicing how to line up and enter the hallway correctly. This type of review of our school expectations can go a long way!
  • Thank you for your time this week for Team Meetings! I know your prep time is important to you but I appreciate your input and discussion of our MANY upcoming spring events!

Upcoming Events

Week of February 15-19

Monday, Feb. 15

No School

Tuesday, Feb. 16

9:00 am--Administrators Meeting (Norris)

11:00 am--Interview (Norris)

Wednesday, Feb. 17

7:10 am--Wednesday PD--Changes to ISTEP+ Math @ Van

9:00 am--Instructional Aide Meeting in Mrs. Sammon's Room

Thursday, Feb. 18

Friday, Feb. 19

Week of February 22-26

Monday, Feb. 22

Last Day to sign up for our Mid-Winter Party

9:30 am--Carroll Elementary Preschool Visit

Tuesday, Feb. 23

Wednesday, Feb. 24

7:10 am--Wednesday PD--@RCPS

Thursday, Feb. 25

Friday, Feb. 26

All Day--Norris out--available via text and email all day

6:00 pm--Mid-Winter Party @ Carpenter Creek Cellars

Nuts & Bolts

Many of you are using the Daily 5 model in your classroom for stations. These stations focused on reading and writing have been extremely beneficial to our students and the productivity of your students during station work time. Here are some interesting sites I found providing more information about Daily 5, its launch, and station ideas.

Anchor Charts for all of the Daily 5 stations describing what students do and what the teacher does...PDF version and editable version available FREE

Schedule, ideas and posters for how to use the Daily 5 station model in kindergarten

Daily 5 20 Day Launch for the beginning of the school year

Daily 5 Station Ideas