Heather's Home Life

Issue 1 | March 2019

Calling All Dreamers

I'm a planner. I like to set goals, big and small. I want to travel, chat with lots of people, and eat all the food. Currently, I'm brushing up on my Spanish and learning French. And, I spend an embarrassing amount of time daydreaming about things like Harry Potter and my favorite episodes of Parks & Recreation. One thing that never crosses my mind? Raising our children anywhere other than Sacramento.

In January, U-Haul reported more one-way truck rentals to Sacramento than any other region in the country. Industry professionals pointed to market stability, relative affordability, and robust inventory. All certainly played a role, but the region's growing popularity underscores the emotional needs of every busy family. Namely, balance. And I speak from experience - Sacramento offers a balanced life for busy people who seek it. Who among us isn't incredibly busy?

Sometimes where you are isn't where you want to be, and that's okay. I love the idea of helping others make a change. It's why I am a Realtor. My responsibilities kick in as soon as you begin to dream about living elsewhere. Maybe you need a new home, or perhaps you need a change of scenery. Maybe you just want to talk about it. If you or someone who you know is dreaming about a big decision, I'm all ears.

For Your Consideration

Welcome Home!

I recently helped a lovely person named Mary Ann purchase a home. Working with her was easy. She was communicative, eager to realize her goal, and hopeful. After we closed, she gave me 5 stars on Yelp, writing,

"Heather's expertise and knowledge of the real estate world made my home buying experience a pleasure. I am only sorry I am not able to buy more!!"

I ran into Mary Ann a couple weeks later at Target. We chatted, and then I helped her select some bathroom accessories! This chance meeting made my day, and helping her buy a home made my month. Welcome home, Mary Ann!

May I Make a Suggestion?

From Us to You

Our kitchen is the heart of our little home. It is where I work, where Ramona does her homework, and where we enjoy impromptu dance parties. I have enjoyed cooking alongside Ramona and Clark in recent weeks. The meatballs we made together in this photo were....just okay. We'll get better. :)

Where do you and yours tend to congregate at home? We hope it's warm & cozy all year long.

Working with me means working with one of the most productive, honest, down-to-earth teams in the business. Kristen is Broker/Owner at Legacy Properties, an all-women agency serving Northern California. I have been Kristen's Stella & Dot stylist for years, and when Michael and I bought and sold in 2017, we hired her. After we closed both properties in one month, she offered me a position at her brokerage. I thought about it (for a year!), earned my license, and here we are. I'm learning so quickly under her leadership, and appreciate working with someone who takes every opportunity to prioritize clients' interests.

Tell a Friend!

Currently, I am helping FIVE families navigate their unique journeys home. Two are referrals. What a gift it is to have earned such trust from others. Thank you!

"No matter what happens in life, be good to people. Being good to people is a wonderful legacy to leave behind." - Taylor Swift