Temperate Deciduous Forest

Where are temperate deciduous forests located?

Forests are found all over the world. They're located in the eastern half of North America, central Europe, Asia, South America, Australia, and New Zealand.

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What is the climate and temperature of the temperate deciduous forest?

The average annual temperature is 50 degrees Fahrenheit. The average rainfall that the forest gets is 30-60 inches per year. There are the 4 seasons, spring, summer, autumn, and winter. In autumn, the leaves change color from green to red, orange, or yellow.

Animals that live in the forest

How is the temperate deciduous forest threatened?

Development and agriculture have played a huge part in affecting forests. As more homes are built, more forests are destroyed because the climate is favorable and the soil is very good for agrictulture. Another threat is logging, which is cutting down trees and using the timber. These both have a very negative impact on the biome. The temperate deciduous forest is very important to the world because it provides a home for many animals. The trees also provide oxygen; without them, the earth would be a lot more polluted.

Forest Food Web

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Cool things about the temperous decidious forest!

-This biome is divided into five zones, each zone depending on the height of the trees and plants.

-Many animals camoflauge themselves into the ground to escape predators and catch prey.

-Animals have to easily adapt to survive in the forest because the seasons change about every three months.

-Trees are extremely important; they provide shelter, food, and water for the animals.

Predator/prey relationships and competition

Snakes prey on mice. Deer are eaten by coyotes. Black bears feed on fish. Raccoons typically eat anything, but they also hunt small birds.

Examples of competition:

A raccoon and a squirrel both want to live in the same tree, but only one will make it its home.

Two snakes are hungry and fight over the same mouse; one will get a meal and the other will have to find another source of food.

Endangered Species