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Dear Megan: Letters of Life, Love and Fragile X

Dear Megan: Letters of life, Love and Fragile X

In the personal and informative narrative Dear Megan: Letters of Life, Love and Fragile X, two mothers of sons with Fragile X Syndrome shed light on the positive and negative aspects of living with disabled children. Mary Beth Busby and Megan Massey inspire parents of disabled children, doctors, young mothers, and all readers with their perseverance and dedication despite all hardships. The mothers also focus on raising awareness through FRAXA, the largest Fragile X research foundation, to find a cure for Fragile X.

Faces of Fragile X

In the YouTube video "Faces of Fragile X", case studies of children with the syndrome are integrated with factual knowledge for the purpose of fully informing a viewer about the inherited genetic disorder. My twin brother, Lucas Clark, is shown at a very young age in this video. He is the small boy wearing a red shirt and overalls. Watching this video gives me a deeper connection to Dear Megan because it offers other personal sides to Fragile X, including my own.
Fragile X Syndrome