the holocaust

by : ahmad alsafi

What is the holocaust??

The Holocaust was the mass murder of six million Jews and millions of other people leading up to, and during, World War II. The killings took place in Europe between 1933 and 1945. They were organised by the German Nazi party which was led by Adolf Hitler. The largest group of victims were Jewish people.
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why were the Jews targeted ??

According to Nazi ideology, Jews were regarded as scum, or sub-humans. In their pursuit of racial hygiene, the Nazis did not target the Jewish people only, but also Gypsies, Communists, Poles, homosexuals, Jehovah's witnesses and trade unionists. In 1939, before initiating widespread slaughter of the Jewish people, Hitler instituted the Euthanasia Program, during which about 275,000 invalids and mentally handicapped people were put to death. The Jewish population, however, suffered the worst casualties. According to Bio, of the 11 to 14 million people put to death by the Nazis and their collaborators, about six million were Jewish, which made up approximately two-thirds of all the Jewish population then living in Europe.

what did the Jews face?

the Jews faced many horrific things during their time in the concentration camps, such as very poor hygienic conditions, little to no food, they were forced to shave their hair and experiments were conducted on them.