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How can HVAC Companies Invest (Wisely) in Scheduling Software?

Let’s be honest. As connected as we are today, how many of you are still running your business like it is 1970? Do you have a blackboard with a bunch of lines on it to try and keep some version of organization? Maybe you stepped up and built some weird Excel-based scheduler that you print out each morning to give to the crew? Simply put, running an HVAC Service Company without scheduling software is handicapping you unnecessarily.

So what makes scheduling software a “must-have” for your HVAC company?

The first place it helps is that you can scrap that blackboard or handwritten ticket to try and figure out where your techs are supposed to be. Quit dealing with missed appointments, lost revenue, and the bad things – like reputation – that go with it.

The place it really shines, though, is that you know where everybody and every project- is at a glance. Right there, on the screen, you have an instant update on where everything is in the workday and the workflow. The feedback we get from managers in the field and the office is that FieldProMax saves them time. A lot of it. Imagine being updated when you need it, not when your people can get it to you. Right there, in your hand, is the update, and the techs in the field never even have to break stride to call in.

Even more importantly, when you have an emergency, that cooling tower on the hospital is in trouble – you know who is where, so you can get people moving quickly. No more wondering who might be close, you know. Of course, when they are done with a job, they update it and you know right then. This, then, leads to a smarter utilization of resources – that sounds like money saved, doesn’t it?

To find out more about FieldProMax, reach out to us at Even better, let us know how it has changed your business and how much time have you saved. We’re willing to bet it is a bunch, and time saved I money saved.

Joy Gomez, Lead Developer and Managing Partner – FieldProMax.