Universities I Would Like To Attend

And info about them. By Keifer Rabe, April 2014

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University Of Oklahoma

Base Cost= $19,530

Total Living Costs= $15,493

Home of the "Boomer Sooners"

Located in Oklahoma City

Top corses are Business, Management, Marketing, Multi/Interdisciplinary Studies

Named #101 in the US by "Best Collages"

71.1% of people who apply are accepted

Male Atendents:49%

Female Atendents:51%

Application Deadline: April 1st

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Texas A&M University

Base Cost= $7,142

Total Living Costs= $12,575

Home of the "Aggies"

Located in North Texas

Has courses that support child care and families

Ranked #87 by "Best Colleges"

47.7% of students that apply are accepted

Male attendents: 42%

Female attendents: 58%

Application Deadline: July 1st