Street Self Defense Sessions

Join our classes at the Malcolm X Centre

Martial Arts for Effective Defense - Health and Self Confidence

Come and benefit from the teachings of the renowned master Bruce Aung - 40 year specialist in the Burmese Martial arts and innovator of the highly effective self defense techniques that has enabled him to offer high quality training opportunities to students of all ages, genders and levels of fitness

Master Aung is able to offer students a simple and effective introduction to self defense that guarantees the creation of the moment that any victim needs to effect an escape

Monday - Wednesday and Friday at the Malcolm X Centre

between 6.30 and 8.30 sessions are being run for students of all levels

this is a chance to learn a set of moves that will enable students to feel confident that they can deal with any normal situation on the streets, in a club or anywhere

this a chance to meet with students of all backgrounds and share in the learning of a brand new skill set

the Burmese Kung Fu possee

Training with Master Aung Jan 2014