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Southern Accents | 4/27 - 5/3

Never Give Up

I've seen stories on this man before. His name is Maickel Melamed, and he's a runner from Venzuela with muscular dystrophy. He's run five marathons in two years, most recently finishing the Boston Marathon last week. It took him 20 hours. It was cold, rainy and windy. And his condition makes moving difficult. He fell a lot. But he kept going...and crossed the finish line.

I mentioned last week that I'd hit a rough patch in early April. I lost some momentum, lost some trunk shows and am now facing the last week of the month needing $1,500 in sales to reach my goal of Star team. Everything else is in place, except my personal volume. And I am going to do it. I'm eliminating excuses and distractions. I'm working smarter and focusing on high value activities that will benefit my business. I'm taking care of my priorities, and giving up my complaints. With my new outlook, I know I can cross that finish line.
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Gifts and Sign-On Bonus

Did you know you have a Mother's Day Boutique on your webpage? What special lady wouldn't want a gorgeous engravable, charm bracelet or locket, or other personalized gift? Kids' initials, graduation and wedding dates, and grade numbers are just a few ideas. Reach out THIS WEEK to your customers reminding them of these important dates!

Ready to share the Stella love? Use these images of 12 of our beautiful Stylist moms (including Southern Charm, Christine Swartz) to market to your potential Stylists. Our $450 sign on special ends Thursday! Who will be your +1?

Get Qualified!

April's the first month of Q2, and you'll want to qualify with $500+ in sales in order to earn your Consistency Bonus ($100 product credits) at the end!

- Use the tools noted above to reach out about gifts for those special ladies.
- Get the word out to all open trunk show guests about April/May TSEOs
- Reach out to your male friends, family and co-workers and help them find a great gift
- Open an Online Mystery Hostess show and raffle off all the rewards

May Trunk Show Exclusive Offers

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Are you ready to increase your business, meet a ton of new friends and have the time of your life? Trust me when I tell you that this is THE event of the year, and you will come back with more knowledge, excitement and mojo than you can imagine. Let us know if you're coming and we can work on roomies and flight info!

Click HERE to see all the details and register online:
EARLY REGISTRATION: $239 USD (Ends 5/8/15)
ONLINE REGISTRATION: $285 USD (ends 6/30/15)
ONSITE REGISTRATION: $299 USD (7/15/15 - 7/16/15)


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Sarah Frost - Associate Stylist

HUGE kudos are in order for Sarah Frost! This gorgeous lady signed on in early March, and grew her team by two within her first week in business! She promoted to Lead Stylist by the end of March, and Associate Stylist this month while still in her Jump Start! (And she isn't even on Facebook!) Just proves what sticking to customer service, picking up the phone and working your business consistently can get you. Social media isn't what's driving your business...YOU are! What an AMAZING accomplishment, Sarah!

Top in Sales (Month to Date)

Amber Pyo Lipple

VERY impressive that you are top in sales with nearly $3k and only ONE trunk show this month. Would love to hear how you did it!
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Team Calls

You may have noticed that our Monday night Team Call format has changed slightly, as Southern Charms leaders are planning and opening up their calls to everyone each week. We are working together on timely topics, introducing new leaders and hearing great tips from other teams.

Mondays 8:00 pm EST (Prospective Stylist and/or New Stylist Training AS NEEDED)
Mondays 8:30 pm EST (Team Call with various guest speakers)
Call details to be provided weekly


A Sign-Up Genius is going out to my personal generation for coaching calls to promote and/or increase your trunk show business. Stay tuned for more information!

Are you a brand new Stylist?

Or looking to re-start your business in 2015? Use this link to access all the important info you need to know in the Lounge! Plus, check the Home Office training calendar below for "Welcome to your Jump Start" calls and Business Blitz dates and times!

Home Office Training Calls

30-minute calls almost every day of the week, including a webinar for Prospective Stylists every Thursday! Choose which ones work for you and hop on!
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Local Stylist Meet Ups

Join your fellow area Stylists and Leaders for a Meet n' Greet! Socialize, learn, and bring friends and prospectives to learn more about the opportunity!

Click HERE to find the Meet Up local to you!


Join me for an observation show!

Thurs 5/7 - Stone Ridge, VA
Sat 5/9 - Arlington, VA

I'm here for you! Contact me anytime!

Annie Brinker, Star Stylist