The Appendix

By Jack F.

The appendix's use

It isn't clear whether the appendix has any use in humans, but there are a few ideas: creating needed gut flora that can repopulate the digestive system following an illness that wipes out normal populations of these flora

The evolution of the appendix

There is a general agreement that the appendix is gradually disappearing from the human species over evolutionary time, as we don't know it's use, this could be either good or bad as wee don't know any use of the appendix

Picture of the appendix

This is an appendix from fairly recently, it would probably be from about 5 years ago because this appendix is longer than ours probably.

Health Issues regarding the appendix

Blockage of the appendix can lead to appendicitis, a painful and potentially dangerous irritation of the appendix that can cause major problems later on in life including a need for surgery!

And lastly, treatment for appendicitis

It is very important that no oil, be given to a person with appendicitis. Oils should never be given to a person with an abdominal disorder that might be appendicitis. Any medicines that contain oil may cause the appendix to rupture, spreading bacteria through the stomach/abdomen. The patient should stay quiet while surgery is occurring. A doctor should be called immediately. The usual treatment for a small case of appendicitis is surgical removal of the appendix, a surgery known as an appendectomy. In mild cases, the inflammation may heal by itself. 40% of people may have recurrent appendicitis.