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Oopsie Daisy! Lessons Learned from Many Mistakes


In order to "jump start" blogging in the district I work in, they have developed the DCSD Blog Challenge. A new topic is posted every Sunday evening for the week with the hopes of having more and more teachers dive into the blogging realm. If you're interested in reading more, you can check out #DCSDblogs, or visit the Showcase Page on the DCSD Blogs website. This week's topic is simply titled, " Oops," that asks us to write about a mistake we've made in the past week, how we resolved it, and what we learned from it.

Mistakes are Normal

Everyone makes mistakes. However, the true character of an individual, especially a teacher, is whether they admit their mistakes and how they carry themselves after admitting their goof. I like to think that making mistakes makes us stronger educators. How many times has a lesson failed, you've made some tweaks, and the next time it was taught it went off without a hitch? It's common. There's one phrase that sticks with me any time I make a mistake, which tends to be more frequent than I'd like, that I heard at a conference. I'm sure you've heard it, but F.A.I.L = First Attempt In Learning. This is a great motivator for picking up the pieces and correcting your mistake to make yourself better in the future.

The 100 Year $100 Oops

I'm extremely lucky to have the opportunity to be the yearbook adviser at Sudlow among my other duties. My love for journalism was discovered in high school and prompted me to dig further into it and pursue it as part of my career. But, occasionally, a mistake creeps into the yearbook production. In a few years, Sudlow will be celebrating its 100th year. But, I thought that this was the year. Students had designed this wonderful front page with a plan for the center spread. However, as I mentioned, we're a few years early! It wasn't until a co-worker brought it up that I realized we were off. So, we had to literally "stop the presses" and redesign the front page that had already been submitted. The lesson from this is to definitely double check the calendar when you're planning on a yearbook design this massive!

Forgetfulness Strikes Again

I love helping out others, especially when it's with a design of a website, pamphlet, or suggestions on how to make something more visually appealing. Last year, with the assistance of a member of the Sudlow PTA, I created a Sudlow Sports Brochure to be distributed at 6th grade Parent Information Night and to be kept in the office. But, this year, we had some updates that needed done to it. So, I made those changes, created a nice PDF of it and sent it along, or so I thought. Turns out, I had forgotten the attachment not once, but TWICE over the course of e-mailing with the PTA representative. I know this is all too common, but it's still an easy mistake that I don't like making!

Continuing to Play Catch Up

I honestly have a really hard time saying "no" to anyone asking for a favor. I have an even harder time putting my to-do list before assisting others. It's an innate quality of the finest lead teachers in the district. However, I feel my biggest "oops" in the past week, which is still ongoing, is that of falling behind with work. I continuously feel like I'm playing catch up. Now, ANY educator knows what this feels like, but I'm struggling to feel like I'm in the right week! However, my motivation to get caught up is that there are just a few short weeks left, to finish strong, and to make sure I keep a positive frame of mind!

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