Writing 6 Word Memoirs

Inspired By Ernest Hemingay

Six Word Memoirs by Teens

The Beginning...

Ernest Hemingway wrote, "For Sale. Baby Shoes. Never worn."

What does that story tell us? How can it be interpreted?

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What is your six word story?

That's my 6 word memoir!

  1. Brainstorm as many 6 word stories about yourselves as you can.
  2. Share your brainstorming with your table mates. Which ones do they like? Which one feels most natural to you? Which one can you best picture?
  3. Once you settle on the one you like best, make it digital! Use any of your favorite photo editing apps and any image you have either taken or that is copyright safe and add your words to your photo.
  4. This will become your first published blog post!

Ideas for Photo editing tools:


Canva (also available as an app)

Phonto (app to download to mobile device)

Over (app to download to mobile device)