Gettysburg Battle

By: Jocelyn Cheek

Gettysburg Battle

  • Fought between the army of Northern Virginia commanded by General Robert E. Lee and the Army of the Potomac commanded by General George G. Meade
  • G. Robert E. Lee was brave after victory in Chancellorsville, Virginia and thought he had an advantage in Gettysburg
  • Lee was unprepared for the strength of the Union
  • Neither anticipated a war at Gettysburg; Roads lead to it

Why Did It Change American History?

  • Confederate was winning until the battle in Gettysburg
  • Confederates charged, but Union fought back hard
  • Canon fired at Confederates and killed 1/2 their men
  • When they died Union could replace men, but Confederate wasn't able too
  • For the rest of the war Union always had way more men to defeat the Confederate army
  • It was the turning point of the Civil War

Fun Facts

  • Happened on July 1-3, 1863; 152 years ago
  • Important battle in Civil War
  • One of bloodiest battles America has ever experienced
  • If Confederate won America would be split into north and south
  • In the end there were 51,000 Union and Confederate soldiers missing, dead, wounded, or captured
  • Gettysburg is a historical place full of monuments today
  • National cemetery at Gettysburg was dedicated on November 19, 1863
  • Referred to as "High Water Mark of the Rebellion"
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