Prairie Dogs

Different Calls

Did you know that prairie dogs use different warning calls to detect predators? Different calls are very important because without them, prairie dogs would have a harder time sensing danger.
Students from Northern Arizona University hid in the prairie dog villages to record the sounds they made. The scientists sent four volunteers to walk in the village and to wear a different colored shirts each time. The second time they walked out, the prairie dogs used a different call than the time before. This made the team think that the prairie dogs not only knew they were humans, but also sensed whether he or she was fat or thin and the color of their shirt. Incredible!
One of the prairie dog calls is called a jump-yip. They use a sharp double bark that protects their home from danger. They rear up on their hind legs and fling their arms in the air.
Now you know how prairie dogs sense predators.

Dogs vs. Prarie Dogs

Many people think prairie dogs and dogs are the same just because of their name. " Dog." But, the two animals couldn't be any more different.
First of all, prairie dogs are herbivores and dogs are carnivores. Secondly, prairie dogs build burrows and dogs are domesticated. Lastly, there are a lot of species of dogs and only five species of prairie dogs.
There are a lot of similarities between the two also.
The easy ones are they both have fur, teeth, and claws. But there are more similarities than you thought.
First off, they both have a great sense. Also, they both have great hearing. Lastly, they both have great sight.
Now you know more about how prairie dogs and dogs are alike, and how they are different.

Their Burrows

Have you ever wondered how prairie dog burrows work? Here are some interesting facts about their burrows.
Prairie dog burrows have mounds. Prairie dogs stand on the mounds to watch for danger.
Burrows also have listening post rooms. They can stay in there to hide from danger. Prairie dogs can also hide in sleeping rooms. They hide in there if water gets in.
The sleeping rooms are higher than the bottom of the burrow.
There are nurseries, too. The nurseries are big enough for the mother and her babies. They can stay comfortable in there for six weeks!

They also have bathrooms! They clean them out from time to time.
The last thing about their burrows is they have a back door. The back door lets air into the burrow.
Who knew all of these cool facts about prairie dog burrows?

Sad Dogs

Prairie dogs are incredible creatures who live in burrows under the ground. Sadly, there are a lot of issues that are harming them.

One issue is their numbers are decreasing because of the black-footed ferret and humans. Black-footed ferrets only eat prairie dogs, so that is a major problem.

Fortunately, there is a solution. People can set up wildlife preservations to protect them.

Another issue is factory builders are destroying their burrows to build factories.

Factory builders can check their surroundings before building so they won't harm the prairie dogs.

People need to care for prairie dogs because they are people too.

Prairie Dog Problems

You probably think prairie dogs are safe besides predators. But did you know that prairie dogs caught the plague from humans? Because of the plague, humans and predators are causing prairie dogs numbers to decrease. These poor little animals shouldn't have to suffer.

Another problem is prairie dogs are going endangered because of humans. Farmers and ranchers kill them for eating their livestock. They think they're pests.

Prairie dogs are facing many dangers that could decrease their numbers.