Activities at Warren Middle school


The purpose of track is to keep you fit and have fun with your friends. Some reasons to join track are: It will keep you fit, you can have fun with your friends at track meets,You'll be a part of a team,You even get to compete with other schools.However,It might be hard to make it to the track meets because some of them are far away.Finally, make sure you are committed to the team before you join.

Technical Theater

The purpose of tech theater is to make costumes and props for theater arts. I would join tech theater because you get to collaborate with friends for projects,you get to do skits in front of the class,also,sometimes classmate's bring treat's like: cupcakes,cookies,muffins,and cakes.Technical Theater is a great way to bring out your creative side. You have to use a'lot imagination to build some of the props.

Musical Theater

The purpose of Musical Theater is to sing,dance and have fun with friends.I would join Musical Theater because it's a great way to make friends and learn how to sing.You get to dance with your classmate's on stage.The teacher's are also really nice and fun.On the other hand if you have stage fright this probably isn't for you,Your going to have sing in front of large crowds and entertain the audience.


The purpose of Athletics is to make you the best athlete you can be.

Athletic's goes 8:25am-9:17am.In athletics you have to an attitude like "i can do this;i will do this."I would join athletic's because it make's you a better athlete,you get to play game's and have fun with your friends and you get to tryout for:basketball,volleyball,track and cross country.Also the coaches push you to your greatest potential which is the best part of athletics.However you some days have to run a mile ,it is tough but its worth it in the end.


The purpose of cheer is to get the crowd pumped up for the football games.

I would join cheer because you get to go out at the football game's with your friends and do chants for the crowd.You also get to go to competition's and compete against other team's. Games usually last from 1-2 hours. So you'll be there for a long time.However it may be fun but it cost a'lot of money for the uniforms,competitions,and makeup. So just know the requirements before you join.