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Saskatchewan Elocution and Debate Association

The Saskatchewan Elocution and Debate Association is a non-profit organization that helps children and youth be effective communicators, deep thinkers, and engaged community members.


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SEDA's YouTube channel, SaskDebate, currently features tutorials and instructional videos like the one below. We will be adding new videos throughout the season! SEDA's future goal is to use YouTube to upload debate tournament videos, and possibly even livestream debates! You can subscribe to our Youtube channel by clicking the subscribe button HERE! SEDA continues to create resources to help make debate accessible.
Kids Practice Models and Definitions

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Coaches Intensive Workshop with Jason Xiao

The current coach of the Canadian World's Debate Team, Jason Xiao, is offering a workshop on August 17th at the University of Saskatchewan for ANY debate coaches in the province looking to learn more about coaching. Sessions will focus on teaching complex skills and managing competitive teams along with a variety of other subjects. Read more about it HERE.

There is no fee, but you must register by August 12th.

Spotlight: Victor Wu

Victor Wu has been debating for six years now. He has accomplished many things in his debating career so far, such as attending Junior Nationals twice, attending Senior nationals and participating in Team Canada Tryouts.

He started debate because he was interested in public speaking and enjoyed the various topics. He said the skills he struggled with the most was finding the heart of the debate, which is something most debaters must learn to do. He also said illustrating the argument and figuring out its real-world applications is something he is still improving on. When asked about what his strengths in debate are, he mentioned his reply speeches.

His advice to new and upcoming debaters is to “keep on doing it if you enjoy it. If you stick with it, it will give you a rewarding experience. You’ll start to learn more.” In the near future, Victor would like to continue debating in university.

-Mahrukh Hassan, intermediate debater

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