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Parent Technology Troubleshooting Guide


We are here to support you during this extended closure. Please refer to the Department of Technology Operating Hours for how to get help with your technology issues.


Chromebook Troubleshooting

  1. Review this support article and see if the issue you are experiencing is listed.
  2. Clearing Cache -clearing cache and cookies saved by your browser can sometimes fix issues with a Chromebook.
  3. Delete User Profile - this only deletes the account from the Chromebook not the Google account. Removing the profile has solved some Chromebook issues.
  4. Chromebook Hardware Reset: Press and hold the refresh button (top row 4 from the left) and press the power button. Hold the reset button until the chromebook boots up.
  5. After trying to resolve the issue on your own and the device still is not responding, parents and/or guardians can drop the device off at:

Lebanon High School

777 Brice Street

Lebanon, MO 65536

(see map and procedure under the Support section of this document).

After drop off, IT staff will try to resolve the issue or fix the problem for you. If it is not resolved while you are there, a loaner device will be issued

Chromebook Shortcut Keys

Shortcuts are nice, especially when doing the same things over and over again! Below are some popular shortcuts to try plus a link to more. Your students will be so impressed with your techno knowledge!

Ctrl + F5 (windows icon on key) - Takes a screenshot

Ctrl + Shift + F5 - Takes a partial screenshot

Ctrl+Shift+Backspace - clears cache settings

Ctrl+Shift+0 - resets screen resolution if zoomed in

Ctrl+Shift+Refresh (4 key from left on top row) - rotates screen (keep pressing, rotates 90 degrees each time)

Ctrl + Alt + /(forward slash) - Shows all keyboard shortcuts

To see an even more extensive list visit the Google support site Chromebook Keyboard Shortcuts.


WiFi Access

  1. Parking lot WiFi is now available for faculty, staff, and students at the following locations.

  2. Fidelity Cable is offering low cost Internet due to the Coronavirus.

  3. See the latest FCC News & Events page for more headlines and updates.

Troubleshooting WiFi Connections

Computing devices owned by the Lebanon R3 School District are configured to allow connections to home and public WiFi networks. The Lebanon R3 Technology Department is unable to provide support for home networks. However, here are few basic troubleshooting steps you can try.

1. Try this support article first

2. Restart your computer or mobile device.

3. Try connecting to your home Wi-Fi network again.

4. Ensure that you are entering the correct Wi-Fi password.

5. Try connecting to another wireless network such as the school Wi-Fi network from the parking lot, friends house, or public library Wi-Fi network and see if you can connect successfully.

If you are still unable to connect to your home Wi-Fi, please check with your ISP or network hardware manufacturer’s website for support links.

Hotspot Connection & Troubleshooting


Perform the below steps to use the device as a hotspot:

  1. On your hotspot go to Settings > Personal Hotspot and make sure that it’s on.
  2. Verify the WiFi password and the name of the phone (iPhone).
  3. From your district provided Chromebook connect your WiFi to “iPhone.” Enter the WiFi Password listed on the phone. This is done by clicking on the WiFi icon next to the time in the bottom right-hand corner. Select Not Connected. Select “iPhone” from the list of WiFi networks and enter the password displayed on the phone.

Troubleshooting Your Hotspot

If you are having issues with your iPhone hotspot see the restart instruction below.

If you are having issues with a kajeet, please call the helpdesk at 417-657-1812.


Canvas Help

Parent Observer Instructions

Canvas Observer Guide

Canvas Student Guide

How Can I Use Canvas On My Phone - enter when finding schools on app to set-up your account.