Why You Should Use Class Messenger

It really does have it all!

Why Class Messenger?

Communicating with Parents- create messages in a variety of categories, receive messages through email, text, or mobile app, messages can be sent to parents of whole class or individuals

Staffroom- teachers and administrators can communicate easier (ex. request a meeting)

Surveys, Order Forms, Roles & Responsibilities (ex. a volunteer can send out messages), Setting Up Conferences

And More....

What About Buzzmob or Remind?

Remind- A review on iTunes states that it is affective in low income houses because a Smartphone is not required. Some state that the new update has presented some issues and failure to work. Not as many features as Class Messenger

Buzzmob- Site states that children under 9 should not use the app. VERY little information and reviews about Buzzmob

What I learned...

It is VERY important to research websites and apps before using them in the classroom!