Main Characters

Nick- A kid who is poor, desperate for help and very clever.

Finch- The leader of a vicious band of thieves, who's goal is to steal the treasures within Jack's fortress and kill anyone who stands in his way.

Jack- An old and unhappy old man who is eaten away by the choices he made long ago.

Basher- Unlike his brother; Basher is dumber but stronger. Basher is one of the two sons of the evil giant who died by falling from the Beanstalk many Decades ago.

Gnasher- Gnasher is brother to basher and is the more intelligent one of the two. He plans on taking revenge and ruling the world below him along side his brother basher.

Gullinda- The mother of Gnasher and Basher. Gullinda tried to teach her sons right from wrong, but the two brothers grew more and more evil, especially Gnasher Who began inventing things like toys when he was little but began inventing diabolical weapons and traps as he got older. After Gnasher used his mother for learning, he found out about his father and locked her away.

Overview of Plot

Years after the famous Jack made his way up the beanstalk, a young kid named Nick joins a rugged band of thieves in hopes of a warm meal and a little protection. In exchange Nick must break into Jack's lavish white castle. As Nick's adventure continues he meets Jack and finds himself the chance to climb the prized beanstalk himself, but it is different from when Jack made his climb. There are new foes at the top. Ones that have cruel weapons and foul plans.

Key Events

1. Nick joins Finch and his gang.

2. Nick breaks into Jack's castle.

3. Jack leaves the magical beans with Nick.

4.Nick plants the beans and climbs the beanstalk.

5.Nick enters the home of the ogres, Basher and Gnasher.

6. Nick makes the decision to check out the dungeon and finds the giantess.

7. The giantess known as Gullinda told Nick about Gnasher and Basher's plans.

8. Finch makes his way up the beanstalk in search of Nick.

9. Finch dies.

10. Basher dies.

11. Gnasher dies.

12. The beanstalk is burnt down.

Personal Opinions

This is a good book that tells a good story and it has a lot of suspense. I strongly recommend this book.