Hurricane Ike

By: Marissa Martinez

What Is A Hurricane?, And How Does It Form?

  • A hurricane is a violent , strong and intense wind storm with massive wind speeds. Hurricanes form in tropical areas and develop over warm water and use it as an energy source. Hurricanes have to have water in order to form.

The (Saffir) Scale

  • We use a device called the (saffir) scale used to categorize hurricanes. The Saffir scale tells the measure of miles per hour of each hurricane. Category one is the measure of wind speeds up to 75-95 mph. Category 2 are wind speeds up to 96-110 mph. Category 3 are measures of wind speeds up to 111-130 mph. Category 4 is pretty intense, with wind speeds up to 131-155 mph. Last but not least , category 5, the most deadliest! with wind speeds higher than 155 mph.

Naming our hurricanes

  • Our hurricanes are named after girls and boys names now a days. Back then girl names were just used, boy names on the other hand, joined in 1956.

Hurricane Ike

  • For example , Hurricane Ike was a very deadly hurricane with its highest wind speeds up to category 4 (135mph). More than 28 deaths happened during the approach. About 19.3 billion dollars was the cost of property damage. Category 2 was when hurricane Ike hit landfall. Wind speeds up to 96-110mph.


  • Thats pretty much all you need to know about hurricanes. How they form, whats a hurricane, and how to tell what its wind speeds are and lots more. The End .