December 21, 2011

What 'Ya Need to Know...

•12/22-1/6 Winter Break-Remember that that campus is closed from 12/25-12/31! Enjoy your time off!

•1/10- Solana Highland's 3rd grade visiting SSF. My offer is still open- if there is a grade level that would like to visit the other SBSD schools, just let me know and I will set it up! This is a great opportunity to share ideas and peak in on the many wonderful things happening across our district!

•1/7 Walk For Wellness Challenge-Have you registered? Do you have your pedometer? See Christy for more info! Or log onto:

•1/15 Weekly Tuesday Wellness begins-Sign up on the White Board in the lounge. Thank You Laz for organizing this for us!

•Week of 1/14 The Great Kindness Challenge begins! Materials will be in your box when we return from the Break. (Info sheet for you and Kindess Challenge page for each student.) Thank you to Student Council for spearheading this event-look for more information the week of January 7. You can also check out their website for more information:

>If you have a facebook acct. you can "like" The Great Kindness Challenge and get daily ideas of things to do with your class or in your own life! LOVE MORE!


•Thank you to Robyn Hubbard and Karen for helping me craft, proof and distribute our safety letter to all of our families last Friday-We have had a lot of positive comments from parents about how much they appreciated the letter and the sensitive way in which have handles the events of Newtown, Connecticut!

•Thank you to Dr. Lynch for providing the Leadership team with so many timely resources this week. I especially loved "The Happiness Advantage Principle!" Can't wait to read the book by Shawn Achor over the break!

•Kudos to Karras and her staff who have been dealing with some pretty interesting and challenging behaviors this week!

•A special thank you to Ms. McPheters, her class and all of you who contributed to the making of my beautiful Christmas Video. I LOVE IT and will cherish it for years to come!

•Congratulations to the 1st grade teachers (Sharon, Julie and Christy) for another successful Holiday Musical Production! The Christmas Tree song is just too darn cute!

•Thank you Ms. Royster for your part in the 1st Grade Show-Your piano playing give the production an extra special touch!

•The Social Committee has done it again! Another great Holiday Get Together at Wine Steals! Thank you Monica for organizing the evening!

•Thank you to Mrs. Schreiber for volunteering to partner with Mr. Taunt and work with out Student Council!

•Big Hugs for Kiki for following up on our Holiday Basket recipients-without her, so many of our students may have missed out on this special gift!

•I know that it has been a tough week for all of us...Thank you to Everyone for loving our kiddos and making them feel safe! Santa Fe really is a very special place!


•Hmmmm... been that the Friday Focus is electronic and there really is no "Flip Side" to the yellow hard copy...that I might need a new name for this section...Just things that make you go, hmmmm?? (<:

•This Week's Professional Reading is an article I read about the Importance of Teaching Children Kindness and it reminded me of Tressie Armstrong's message/campaign: LOVE MORE!