Quetzy 5


Darry is nothing like his father, but looks a lot like him. Darry acts like the "parent" when it comes to being in the "gang". He hardly smiles because he's serious. He want sorry for anything he does. Mainly because he doesn't normally care.


He has been a very popular guy in high school, he even played football. I'm guessing that's how he was popular. Until it was time for college. He didn't go because he didn't have the money even if he got an athletic scholarship. Which means he liked football and wanted to keep playing, but unfortunately, he couldn't.


He didn't have possessions. Which is weird because you would think a guy like him would have at least one, maybe his hair. But no.


Darry was the oldest one of the siblings. That's why he acts like the "parent" towards them. He has a closer relationship with Sodapop for some reason. He probably likes being the oldest one because you get more opportunities and freedom.


This is Dally, the one iv been describing this whole time. As you can see, he is buff and "attractive".
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