Humans of Kafka

Highlighting our identities!

Hadley Reeves, Diana Khosrovi, Annelle Congdon

Who are we?

Based off of Humans of New York, we interviewed people on their "bug moment," or on a major realization or shift in their personal identities. Our goal was to interview people with the theme of identity and societal pressure in mind, and ultimately tie the responses back to Franz Kafka's novel, Metamorphosis.


Psychological: Gregor only experiences a sense of identity though his job, and as we've heard through several accounts above, identities are meant to be more well-rounded. Gregor feels he is insignificant since he can only define himself one way, and he doesn't see a viable way to expand his world.

Sociological: Gregor's sole identity was his work- making money for his family. His identity was created by the societal and familiar pressure fit in, to be a productive member of society. When Gregor became a "bug," he lost his identity. Because of Gregor's loss of identity, he experiences a new societal pressure to conform to new expectations, but because he fails to do so, he experiences isolation in society and family. Gregor's focus on one identity, one thing that controlled his life, caused him to be isolated, even when he was a part of society, and when he lost that one thing, he lost everything.

Biological: Because Gregor was the breadwinner for his family, his job loss made him experience pressure from his family to still serve their needs (which also made him more isolated over time).