Academic Affairs Brief 01.10.22

Faculty + academic staff weekly updates


The Academic Affairs Brief now includes new sections and a new look for the new year! In light of the announcement of the Spring 2022 semester's two-week virtual class start (see email), this is a special issue highlighting FAQs with important information and resources for faculty to know for planning and preparing for the new semester.

Important Upcoming Dates

  • Classes Fully Virtual Monday, Jan 17 thru Friday, Jan 28

  • Add/Drop - Monday, Jan 17 thru Friday, Jan. 21

  • Enrollment Verification - Monday, Jan. 24 - Tuesday, Jan. 25

  • In-Person classes begin Monday, Jan. 31

This Brief Includes:

COVID-19 Updates

  • 2-Week Virtual Classes for 2 Weeks

  • Remote Faculty/Staff Work

  • Boosters

  • Study Abroad

  • Student Move-In + Testing

  • COO Campus Re-Opening Session

Canvas Classroom + Technology Info

  • First Day Communication

FAQs for Spring 2022 Re-Opening

Curriculum + Assessment Info
    • Curriculum Committee

    • Program Assessment/Reboot

Professional Development Opportunities
    • Pre-Semester Workshops

Academic Support for Students

COVID-19 Updates

  • Fully Virtual Classes: Classes will be held fully virtual from Monday, Jan. 17 until Friday, Jan. 28. In-person instruction will begin on Monday, Jan. 31.

  • Remote Work: Staff will continue to work remotely until Monday, Jan 17. Staff members should contact their direct supervisor or Vice President with specific flexible work arrangements as needed.

  • Boosters: All campus-based students and employees are required to get both an initial vaccine series and also a booster as they become eligible. Campus-based employees will receive a message from Sentry MD with instructions on how to submit their vaccine documentation shortly. The deadline for submitting this documentation is January 21.

  • Study Abroad: Champlain's Dublin and Montreal campus programs are proceeding on schedule.

  • Student Move-In, Pre-Arrival Tests and Arrival Testing: Students have 3 options to move into campus housing (Sunday, Jan 16, Sunday, Jan 23, Sunday, Jan 30). All residential students will be required to submit a negative pre-arrival test prior to their return and will test within 2 days of their arrival.

Leslie Averill, Chief Operating Officer, will be available for answering OPERATIONAL questions about the college re-opening plans on Wednesday, Jan. 12 from 12:30 p.m. to 1:20 p.m. This is an informal, virtual meeting. Interested faculty are welcome to attend though the session is not mandatory. Look for a Google calendar invitation.

Click on the blue Covid-19 Dashboard bar above to see updated information.

How Faculty Can Notify Students About The First Two Weeks

Since courses will be delivered virtually the first two weeks of the spring semester, it is essential for faculty to let students know how to access their Canvas courses. Here are some suggestions for quick and easy notifications!

Post an announcement in Canvas. Welcome students to your class and inform them how they should plan to connect to the virtual classes for the first two weeks.

Send a Google Calendar invite to your students. Instead of needing to individually invite each student, you can invite the whole class as a google group that is already set up for you. To find the group email address to invite, go to Google Groups and search for “2022sp” in the search bar.

Follow up with an email to your students if they are not heavy Canvas users with instructions on how the first two weeks with run with links to the virtual class sessions.

How should faculty best prepare to teach for the spring 2022 semester?

  • The CLT has prepared a set of questions, which is geared toward people who have taught virtual classes before and would like a way to “self-check.”
  • If you are new to teaching virtual classes and want a more comprehensive overview, explore this CLT article on getting started.
  • The CLT is offering a Faculty Drop-In Conversation on Friday, Jan.14.
  • The CLT is offering Pre-Semester Workshops.
  • For 1:1 course design and instructional practice support, please make an appointment with Rebecca Mills or Caroline Toy.
  • For Canvas support, please email

What classroom technology resources are available for delivery of virtual courses?

  • Media Services is conducting an audit of classroom equipment to identify classrooms specific to webcam/microphone and computer issues. Reminder: when you have any issues with the technology set-up in specific classrooms, please submit a Champ Support request.

  • If you have concerns about your own equipment or Internet access for teaching remotely, please contact Champ Support (email: or phone: (802) 860-2710). Please be aware that for in-person support or for picking up equipment you will need to schedule an appointment.

  • Platforms for teaching courses virtually can include Google Meet and InSpace for free. Requests for use of Zoom will need to be submitted to your Division Dean.

Will classrooms/labs be open for students and faculty starting 1/17?

  • Students have a choice of three dates to return to campus (Sunday, Jan 16, Sunday, Jan 23, Sunday, Jan 30).

  • Faculty will have access to classrooms and labs if they need to conduct their classes from these rooms. Champ Support is auditing the equipment in classrooms to determine which are ready for remote instruction. A plan will be in place to allow you to teach in a different room if your classroom does not have the necessary equipment.

  • Students will have access to computer labs to work on projects and assignments.

  • Faculty can teach remotely from classrooms and work from their offices beginning Monday, Jan. 17.

What resources are available that can be accessed remotely through the library?

  • The library team can create digital course reserves of assigned class readings if students do not have access to their textbooks. Please reach out to Sarah Camille Wilson at if you will have required text readings the first two weeks of the semester and have students that need access.

  • Faculty are encouraged to work with the librarians if you need additional library resources to support your courses during remote learning. We have a vast collection of streaming video, databases, and e-books.

  • Students can also use the library for virtual learning. We have 11 study rooms that can be booked in advance, as well as many other open workspaces for students to use.

What academic support is available for my students who are either on campus or remote?

  • All students can access 150 hours of free tutoring each week in 11 different subject areas in-person starting on Sunday, Jan.30, 2022. For more information or to make an appointment, click here. Students can meet with a tutor virtually before Sunday, Jan. 30 by contacting to schedule their visit.

  • Academic Coaching provides 1:1 instruction in executive function skills with a professionally trained coach supporting students in planning, prioritizing, and organizing for the semester ahead. (Student can sign up here for a virtual appointment until Sunday, Jan. 30 and either in-person or virtual beginning on Sunday, Jan. 30.)

  • Three-week group coaching sessions and academic skill-building/social connection workshops will also be offered throughout the spring semester starting on Wednesday, Feb. 2 -- students can contact Megan Sheldon at

Will student employees be able to work on campus 1/17-1/28?

Yes, student employees can resume their regular assignments starting the first week of the semester and must continue to follow COVID safety protocols.

Can faculty meet with students in person 1/17-1/28?

The recommendation is to do this virtually for the first two weeks.

1/12 Curriculum Meeting

The next Curriculum Committee meeting is scheduled for Wednesday, Jan. 12 at 10:30 a.m. You can find the agenda in Curriculog along with links to each proposal. To attend the meeting, log onto Google Meet or contact Linda Goodrum to be added to the invitation list. Check this table for more information on Curriculum dates and deadlines.

1/13 Program Assessment + Review Reboot

Program Directors are encouraged to attend the Thursday, Jan. 13 Program Assessment and Review Reboot meeting at 1 p.m. through Google Meet to learn more about the support available to you for completing your 2021-22 annual PALS Report and Level-1 Program Review.

CLT Professional Development Pre-Semester Workshops

All full-time and part-time faculty are invited to take advantage of the professional development events the CLT and our partners will offer the week leading up to the first day of class. Please see this calendar of Pre-Semester Workshops and faculty events. Please know that we are very happy to help you think through ways to start the new semester off in an energizing way.

Invite a Tutor/Coach to Class

Interested in having a tutor visit your class or an academic coach facilitate a workshop for you? We welcome any opportunity to work with faculty to create a personalized support plan for your students. Contact Lauren Bruneau at to integrate academic support services into your syllabus this semester.

12/20-1/16 - Winter Break

01/17 - Spring 2022 classes start

01/17-01/21 - Add/Drop Period

03/06 - Midterm Grades Due

03/14-03/18 - Spring Break

03/28-04/8 - Registration for Summer

04/08-Last Day to withdraw from a course or the College

04/27 - Deadline for incomplete grade requests

04/29 - Deadline for medical withdrawals

05/02-06 - Finals Week

05/14 - Commencement

Change to Academic Schedule - Fall 2022

Beginning fall 2022, campus classes will return to a five-day per week schedule, including the resumption of classes on Wednesdays to accommodate an anticipated larger incoming first-year class in fall 2022. Resuming classes on Wednesdays provides classroom space for the course sections needed with the larger enrollment.

In addition, the five-day-per-week schedule provides more flexibility for students to incorporate more study time, breaks, and well-being opportunities throughout the entire week. Wellness and resiliency programming will continue through InSight and be enhanced through other campus well-being resources. Well-being will continue to be a priority for students and our entire community, with the goal of integrating positive education and well-being knowledge, strategies, and practices into everything we do.

Employee COVID-19 Reporting Form

Employees should utilize this form to notify the College they have tested positive for COVID-19 or been identified as a close contact by a primary care provider or health entity such as the Vermont Health Department.