Independent Study Updates

February 9, 2018

General Information

Dear Students and Parents,

Spring semester is well underway. Please read through this newsletter for important upcoming events, holidays, and Independent Study news.

There are only 15 school weeks left in the year, excluding vacations. This time will go by quickly. Please focus on school work and use your time wisely. As a reminder, Independent Study is not offered in the summer. Students must finish all of their coursework prior to the end of the school year.

If you are interested in attending summer school, you need to discuss this with your home school counselor. Please make an appointment this month to do so.

I am working with the SUHSD IT department to create a weekly assignment sheet that can be shared with parents via a Google Document. Once completed, this will allow parents to view the completed assignments and credit hours earned for students on a weekly basis. I should have this ready to go after the mid winter break. Parents will be notified via email when this is ready to go.

Google Classroom Assignments

Students should be working on second semester assignments in their Google Classroom courses. Grade 9 students should be finishing up their study of Africa, and selecting a novel for the analytical essay assignment. Grade 10 students should be finishing up their study of Imperialism, including document based questions and an essay, and should have begun reading Animal Farm. Grade 11 students should be finishing the World War I assignment, including reading a novel and writing an analytical essay. Grade 12 students are working on Economics assignments and should be well on their way to gathering research and beginning outlines for the Senior Research Report.

Apex Courses

Students must adhere to established due dates in order to finish these courses before the end of the school year. As a reminder, our math tutor is in the classroom on Tuesdays and Wednesdays from 11:00- 1:00. Students who work with him develop a better understanding of the concepts they need to master to move forward in their math classes.

Students who are taking Spanish or an elective Apex course benefit from time spent in our classroom focusing on their assignments.

Community College Courses

The Learning Center in Building 9 is an excellent resource if you need additional support. There are tutors available for drop in, or, you can sign up for a time that works for your schedule. Many professors have office hours in the Learning Center, or in their offices. Please make sure you keep up with all assignments and communicate with your professor if you need additional support.

You can read more about the Learning Center here:

As a reminder, the last day to drop a community college course (with a W) is April 26th, 2018. Remember, a W becomes a permanent grade on college transcripts.

There is a tremendous amount of support available at Cañada if you need it. Please talk to me if you are struggling in a college class.

Seniors- If you are taking a college course for high school credit required for graduation, you will be required to have your professor complete a progress report as proof that you are on track to pass. I have attached the form and I have copies available in the classroom. I will need these after the SUHSD spring break. It is best to give your professor plenty of notice that you will need this completed.

Academic Progress Report

Independent Study Support Group

The Independent Study Support Group will begin again on Monday, February 26th at 1:00 PM

Islam Hassanein, Program Manager at Star Vista will lead the group. Students can still sign up if interested. Islam has requested that students commit to attending all of the sessions in order to make the group meetings more productive and effective. Please sign up if you want to participate. have consent forms in the classroom. Students can sign their own forms. This is an excellent opportunity to build relationships with your ISP classmates, and receive support.

Upcoming Holidays and School Closures

February 16th Lincoln's Birthday No College Classes. The ISP classroom will be open.

February 19th President's Day No College Classes and no ISP.

February 19th - February 23rd Mid Winter Break for SUHSD ISP. The classroom will be closed. Students taking community college classes must attend them during the mid-winter break even though the ISP classroom is closed.

February 26th ISP Support Group Meets at 1:00 PM

March 8th Flex Day No Canada Classes.

March 25th-31st Spring Break for community college courses.*

March 30th Cesar Chavez Day. The classroom and college will be closed.

April 9th-13th Spring Break for SUHSD The ISP classroom will be closed. College classes meet.*

April 26th Last day to withdraw from a community college course with a W on your transcript.

May 29th Memorial Day No ISP Classes

May 19th- May 25th Finals Week for Community College Classes

June 1st ISP Graduation @ 1:00 PM at the SUHSD District Office

June 7th Last day of ISP

*I will make individual arrangements with students who are taking both community college and ISP classes to allow for a break!

Parent Workshops

Upcoming Parent Workshops

There are a few workshops coming up. Parents can attend workshops offered at any of our schools. Check out this link:

Seniors and Senior Parents

Home School Graduation- Please check in with your home school counselor and activity director if you intend to walk in your home school graduation.

Fines and Textbooks- Home schools will not issue diplomas for students who have outstanding textbook or library fines. Please make sure you are cleared.

Independent Study Graduation- I am looking for a parent, or group of parents who would be willing to order and set up some flowers for our ISP graduation. Please email or call me if you are willing and able to do this for us.

I will send out a sign up sheet for families to bring a dessert to share some time in May. We serve dessert at the end of our graduation ceremony.

I am in the process of getting gown sizes for our graduates. Females will wear white gowns/caps and males wear black gowns/caps. Caps can be appropriately decorated. Students return the gowns, but keep the cap/tassel.

Invitations for our graduation will be available after our April spring break.

Please remember to read emails from your home school college and career center and activity director so you are aware of upcoming senior activities.

Students who intend to enroll at Skyline, College of San Mateo, or Cañada College in the fall can register now. Once registered, students can enroll in PEP (Priority Enrollment) and apply for the Promise Scholarship (if the FAFSA is complete). Cañada Admissions College of San Mateo Admissions Skyline College Admissions Foothill College Admissions

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