Weekly Updates

Loving our first grade fun!!


Earlier this week your child should have brought home a bright orange half sheet of paper about Book-o-ween. This is such a fun event AND it promotes are favorite thing to do: READ! First, have your child choose his or her favorite book. Then, have him or her choose a character he or she would like to dress up as from the book for the parade. In years past, I have had: Junie B. Jones, Curious George, Froggy, Clifford, Fly Guy, etc. Make sure that your child has the book which he or she chose the character from along with them. Remember- we live in Florida and it is hot! We don't want our babies getting overheated, so make sure that they are not wearing a heavy costume. NO SCARY characters! If you have questions or concerns, don't hesitate to ask:)

Raymond Came to Visit!

Your child may be talking about Raymond from the Rays today because he came to visit TBK8 today! Raymond and his friend, talked about why it is important to Stay Positive! Stay Healthy! and TO BE KIND! These are all important things we talk and learn about from day to day! What a special treat and surprise for all of us!

Pumpkin Disguises

I have had all kinds of disguises of pumpkins through the years. Some of my favorites have been Batman, Barbie, Mr. Potato Head, and a firefighter.

Great American Teach In

The Great American Teach In (GATI) on November 17th is quickly approaching and it will be successful with as many volunteers as we can get. I will be sending home forms if you are interested:)