Amanda D'Intino

Pd. 5

A Little Background

My name is Amanda D'Intino, I am 17 years old. I go to William Penn High School. I was born and raised in Delaware. I work at Dunkin Donuts, when I'm not working I like to watch tv and hang out with my friends. I have an older brother who is in college up in Johnson & Wales. I plan on moving to Florida next year to go to college and make a life for myself. I love to travel and I'm very independent, so I believe I could make a good life for myself by myself. I also love working with kids, I babysit my nephew almost every week since he was 3 months old- he is now 3! When I was younger my mom had a daycare and even at the age of two my mom had me feeding the babies. Dispite my love of kids, I plan on taking marine biology in college and discover more about how sharks behave, this career could give me all kinds of opportunities to visit all kinds of countries, and learn about different cultures.


Since a young age I have been privileged enough to be able to travel a lot. I have been on 4 cruises- all to the Bahamas. I have gone swimming with dolphins in Nassau, snorkeling in about 3 different islands, and went to the crystal caves in Bermuda. I have driven all the way across country with my dad, step mom, and brother, it took us 5 days to get to California and we stayed with my step moms family for an additional 5 days. We stopped at the Grand Canyon, and other interesting points along the way. I have been to Las Vegas 3 times and California 5 times. I have also had the chance to take the 8 hour long plane ride to Rome. I was there for 5 days, and got to climb up to the top of the Vatican. I honestly felt on top of the world standing there, it was one of the proudest moments in my life. 551 long, narrow steps all the way to the top, struggling with asthma and bruised ribs, but i made it. I also got the chance to see the Colosseum, the place where Cesar Augustus was assassinated, a very old Jewish Ghetto, and so any different churches. I love to see other cultures and learn from them. Traveling is my passion I wish I could be somewhere new everyday.