Gun Control

By: Adam Jazaerly

The Debate of Gun Contol

There are two sides in the issue of gun control. The second amendment states, "The right of the people to keep and bear arms shall not be infringed." Guns should be allowed and are needed in the United States. Guns are needed for self-protection and if citizens have guns criminals will be afraid.

Why do we need guns?

Guns are needed for many reasons. One of the reasons is if someone breaks into your house you need self-protection, if you don’t have a gun you can’t defend yourself so they might shoot you. If you had a gun in that situation you even the playing field and he’ll probably run away or you could shoot them first. Another reason is that if someone strange is at a school with a gun then the teachers or secretaries will have a way to defend the students. If the teachers or secretaries don’t have a gun the person could shoot a lot of kids and teachers.

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On the other hand guns cause many problems throughout the United States. They cause people to die when someone goes mad. An example of someone going mad is the Colombian high incident in 1999. The Colombian high incident was when two teenagers shot 12 of their school mates and a teacher before killing themselves. After that incident people were outraged and wanted stricter gun control laws. Another example is the Sandy Hook incident. In that incident 25 people died 20 kids and 5 teachers. The cause of that incident changed the whole nation and the new school rules. Such as like not letting adults into that school that is not registered to pick a student up. Those incidents were all for no reason people were being irresponsible with the items they purchased and those were just some people that use guns wrong they are suppose to be used for protection. Those incidents dramatically change the United States schools and other places.

What Criminals Think

Criminal are a big reason why people need guns. If they rob you, you need protection. Police did a survey in the prisons around the nation. Sixty percent of the criminals in the prisons said they were feared of being shot by an armed citizen than being shot by the police. Fifty seven percent scared off by an armed victim that pulled out a gun (Gottfried 47-48). That’s what most of the criminals think all around the United States.


Guns are needed in the United States for many other reasons as well as the ones stated. One of the most important reasons is that people need guns for self-protection. If someone breaks into your house with a gun, you can even it out and scare them off before they shoot you. Also, criminals are afraid of being shot by a citizen as well (Gottfried 47-48). That's why guns should be allowed in the United States.


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