Board Report

June: Hillsdale Area Career Center

HACC Career Counselor

Job Posting

The HACC Career Counselor position has been posted and applications are coming in. I will be working with HR to move along in the process. This is an exciting position the county has developed and will do a great deal to help students in all districts.

HACC Works In Progress

Education Program

  • Working with Colleen @ Will Carleton to transition the current Pre-teacher Academy to a CTE program that works for students.

HACC Fall Schedule

COVID Impact

  • HACC will rely on county Superintendents to develop their return plans in order to develop a CTE plan that works with the LEA plans.
  • We anticipate LEAs developing a common plan to make planning for CTE easier.
  • Depending of budget cuts to LEAs, we could see an increase in enrollment in CTE programs. If this occurs, HACC will be ready to help accommodate this increase by developing creative scheduling.

Health Science Update

Possible EMT option

  • This option is still in development. Updates will be given as discussions progress.
  • This option was put in the 20-21 budget. The amount is a placeholder which is still under discussion.

Program Renewal

  • Jen Tharp is in process of renewing the Health Science program with the State.
  • Application materials need to be submitted by the end of June.
  • MOUs with Hillsdale Hospital and the Medical Care Facility will be renewed


Curriculum Update

  • In accordance with state approved CTE credentialing, the Welding program will be applying to become an AWS SENSE program.
  • Allow students to earn certifications that will help them with future post secondary education as well as employment.